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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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To Create and Edit a Transition

1. To create a transition between two activities, hold down your right mouse button and drag your mouse from a source activity to a destination activity.
Note: Overlapping transitions appear in a different color than single, non-overlapping transitions.
2. To edit a transition, select the transition.
3. To reposition a transition label, simply select the label with your mouse and drag it to its new position. The label snaps onto the transition.
4. You can bring up the following menu of editing options at any time by selecting a transition with your mouse and clicking on the right mouse button:
5. To bend a transition, create a vertex point by selecting the transition and dragging the transition as you hold down your left mouse button. You can reposition any vertex point to create a bend in the transition.
6. You can create a transition that loops back to its source activity node in one of two ways:
7. To remove a single vertex point from a transition, select the vertex and drag it over another vertex to combine the two points.

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