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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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Item Type Definition Web Page

The Web-based Item Type Definition page provides you with distributed access to workflow definitions stored in your Oracle Workflow database. The page provides a detailed view of the attributes, processes, notifications, functions, events, messages, and lookup types that are associated with a given item type, allowing you to present or do a design review of your workflow process.

To display an item type definition, you use the Find Item Type web page to first query for an item type. You can query for an item type based on an effective date and time.

The Item Type Definition page then appears. The information is displayed in two frames, modeled like the Oracle Workflow Builder, so that you can review the contents easily and effectively. The left frame lists all the objects in your item type definition in an expandable navigator tree. The right frame displays the details of the object you select in the navigator tree. You can also select either frame at any time and use your web browser to print all the information in that frame.

arrow icon   To Query an Item Type

1. Enter the following URL in your web browser:
Replace <webagent> with the base URL of the web agent configured for Oracle Workflow in your Web server. See: Setting Global User Preferences, Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide.
Attention: This URL accesses a secured page, so if you have not yet logged on as valid user in the current web session, you will be prompted to do so before the page appears.
Note: You can also access the Find Item Type web page from the Oracle Workflow home page. See: Accessing the Oracle Workflow Home Page, Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide.
2. Use the Item Type poplist field to select an item type.
3. Specify the effective date and time of the item type definition you want to display using the format specified in the Date Format field of your User Preferences web page. See: Setting User Preferences, Oracle Workflow User's Guide.
4. Choose Find to display the item type in the Item Type Definition web page.

arrow icon   To Review an Item Type Definition

1. The Item Type Definition web page displays two frames. The frame on the left lists the components of an item type definition in hierarchical format similar to the navigator tree in Oracle Workflow Builder. The frame on the right lists the details of each component.
2. Click on any component link in the left hand frame to display the details of that component in the right hand frame.

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