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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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Oracle Workflow Implementation in the Oracle Technology Stack

The products listed below leverage Oracle Workflow for business process definition and integration. A full description of each feature is documented in its respective product's User's Guide or Configuration Guide, if one is available.

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Oracle Workflow Support Policy

Oracle Warehouse Builder

Oracle Warehouse Builder includes a Workflow Deployment Wizard that lets you deploy extract, transform, and load mappings to Oracle Workflow as functions within an item type. You can then use Oracle Workflow Builder to define the sequence of these functions as a workflow process. In designing the process, you can specify job dependencies between the mappings to ensure that jobs run in the proper order. You can then run the process from Oracle Workflow or schedule the process to run using Oracle Enterprise Manager.

By defining jobs as a workflow process, you can automate the entire schedule for a set of jobs. When you run the process, Oracle Workflow manages the jobs so that they run in the sequence defined in the process. If an exception occurs, Oracle Workflow terminates the process. This approach minimizes the manual intervention required to manage warehouse load and refresh jobs.

For more information, see: Managing Dependencies Using Oracle Workflow, Oracle Warehouse Builder User's Guide.

Oracle Application Server InterConnect

The Oracle Workflow Business Event System enables Oracle Application Server InterConnect and Oracle Workflow to work together to provide a complete business process driven integration solution. With Oracle Application Server InterConnect and Oracle Workflow, you can define business collaborations across two or more applications to implement the business processes for an organization.

Simple business process definitions can be implicitly captured in the messaging defined through Oracle Application Server InterConnect core functionality. For more complex business processes, Oracle Application Server InterConnect leverages the robust design time and runtime Oracle Workflow business process definition and execution support to make the processes explicit and manageable. For example, Oracle Workflow allows you to model error management for exceptions, human interaction such as approvals, message junctions including both message fan-in and fan-out, stateful routing, and composite services involving communication across several applications.

The Oracle Application Server InterConnect iStudio design tool automatically generates Oracle Workflow business event and subscription definitions corresponding to common view events and procedures. You can launch the Oracle Workflow home page from iStudio to review these definitions.

The iStudio tool also deploys process bundles as Oracle Workflow item type definitions. These item types include starter workflow processes with Oracle Workflow event activities that correspond to Publish, Subscribe, Invoke, and Implement activities defined in iStudio. You can then launch Oracle Workflow Builder from iStudio to complete the workflow process definition by specifying the sequence of the event activities and optionally adding other activities such as notifications or functions.

For example, iStudio might generate a workflow process with two event activities, one that receives a CreatePO event and another that sends an AcceptPO event. You can then use Oracle Workflow Builder to define the business process that controls the execution of these activities. For instance, add a notification activity to send an e-mail requesting approval after the CreatePO event is received and before the AcceptPO is event is sent.

At runtime, Oracle Application Server InterConnect and Oracle Workflow communicate with each other through the Oracle Workflow Business Event System, leveraging the Oracle Advanced Queuing messaging infrastructure, to execute business processes defined across multiple applications.

For more information, see: Oracle Application Server InterConnect and Oracle Workflow, Oracle Application Server InterConnect User's Guide.

Oracle Application Server Wireless

Oracle Workflow and Oracle Application Server Wireless are integrated to let you send wireless notifications. Oracle Application Server Wireless integrates with Oracle Workflow by providing a subscriber to the WF_NOTIFICATION_OUT queue. This subscriber dequeues notification messages from the queue as JMS Text messages and can then send them to wireless devices. If a user sends a response from a wireless device, Oracle Application Server Wireless calls the appropriate notification response function to record the response and complete the notification. For more information, please refer to the Oracle Application Server Wireless Administrator's Guide and the Oracle Application Server Wireless Developer's Guide.

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