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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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What Is NOT Supported

The following types of customizations are not supported:

1. Modifying a workflow object that has a protection level that is less than 100.
2. Altering a workflow object's protection level if its original protection level is less than 100.
3. Modifying your access level to an unauthorized level of less than 100 for the purpose of modifying workflow objects that are protected at levels less than 100.
4. Customizations that are explicitly documented as being UNSUPPORTED in the seeded workflow's product-specific User's Guide or documentation update notes. This includes modifying processes, attributes, function activities, event activities, notifications, lookup types, messages, events, or subscriptions that are specifically documented as not to be modified.
5. Manual modifications of Workflow tables with a prefix of WF_ or FND_ unless it is documented in the Oracle Workflow Guide or is required by Oracle Support Services.
6. Customizations to any predefined Oracle Workflow directory service view definitions, including any of the predefined implementations of the WF_USERS, WF_ROLES, and WF_USER_ROLES views, as well as the bulk synchronization views provided by originating systems within Oracle Applications.
7. Customizations to any predefined versions of the Oracle Workflow PL/SQL security package, WFA_SEC.

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