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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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A system is a logically isolated software environment such as a host machine or database instance. You should define each system to or from which you will communicate events in the Event Manager.

When you define a system, you can specify whether it is associated with a master system from which you want it to receive Event Manager object definition updates.

Each system can expose one or more addressable points of communication, called agents. After you define your systems, you should define the agents within those systems that you will use to communicate business events. See: Agents.

Local System

When you install Oracle Workflow in a database, that database is automatically defined as a system in the Event Manager and set as the local system in the Global Workflow Preferences page. The following table lists the default properties of the local system definition.

System Property Value
Name <database global name>
Display Name <database global name>
Description Local System Created by Oracle Workflow Configuration Assistant
Master (blank)

You can update the local system definition if necessary.

Oracle Workflow sets the status of the local system to Enabled by default. After you finish setting up the Business Event System, you can use the Global Workflow Preferences page to set the system status that you want for event processing. See: Setting Global User Preferences, Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide.

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