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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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Raising Events

In addition to raising events from your applications or through workflows, you can raise events that do not require additional parameters manually using the Raise Event web page for testing purposes. When you raise an event, the Event Manager searches for and executes any active subscriptions by the local system to that event with a source type of Local, and also any active subscriptions by the local system to the Any event with a source type of Local.

arrow icon   To Raise an Event

1. Use a web browser to connect to the following URL:
Replace <webagent> with the base URL of the web agent configured for Oracle Workflow in your Web server. See: Setting Global User Preferences, Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide.
Attention: This URL accesses a secured page, so if you have not yet logged on as valid user in the current web session, you will be prompted to do so before the page appears. You must have workflow administrator privileges to access the Event Manager web pages.
Note: You can also access the Raise Event web page from the Oracle Workflow home page. See: Accessing the Oracle Workflow Home Page, Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide.
2. The Raise Event page appears.
3. In the Event Name field, select the event that you want to raise.
4. Enter an event key that uniquely identifies this instance of the event.
5. Optionally enter event data to describe what occurred in the event.
Note: The maximum length of the data you can enter in the Event Data field is 32 kilobytes. If the event data exceeds 32 Kb, you should assign a Generate function in the event definition to generate the event data, rather than entering the data directly in the Event Data field. See: To Define an Event.
You can also choose to raise the event using the WF_EVENT.Raise API instead. This method lets you provide the event data as a CLOB storing up to four gigabytes of data. See: Raise, Oracle Workflow API Reference.
6. Choose the Submit button to raise the event to the Event Manager. You can also choose the Cancel button to return to the Oracle Workflow home page without raising the event.
If you choose the Submit button, Oracle Workflow raises the event and displays a confirmation message with the event name and event key. Choose the OK button to return to the Raise Event page.

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