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Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10284-02
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Standard Activities

Oracle Workflow provides some generic activities you can use to control your process. The activities are associated with the Standard item type but can be used within any process you define. The Standard item type is automatically installed on your Oracle Workflow server. You can also access the Standard item type from the file wfstd.wft located on your PC in the \<ORACLE_HOME>

\Wf\data\<language>\ subdirectory.

Note: Predefined activities are also available for the predefined workflows shipped with Oracle Applications and Oracle Self-Service Web Applications. For more information on Oracle Applications-specific workflow activities, consult the documentation or help for that specific Oracle Application product.
Note: If you want to drag an activity into a process, where the activity is in a different data store than the process you are dragging it to, then you must first copy the item type that the activity belongs to into the same data store as the process. Suppose you are modifying a process that is stored in wfexample.wft and you want to add some standard activities into the process that are stored in wfstd.wft. First you need to open both files as data stores in Oracle Workflow Builder, then you need to copy the Standard item type in wfstd and paste it into the wfexample data store. Now you can drag any standard activity in the wfexample data store into your process.

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