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Oracle Workflow User's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10285-02
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Overview of Notification Handling

Oracle Workflow sends a notification to a role when the Workflow Engine executes a notification activity in a workflow process. The notification activity may designate the role as being responsible for performing some human action or may simply relay process-related information to the role. To successfully deliver a notification to a role, the role must be defined in the Oracle Workflow directory service.

As a member of a role, you can view a notification using any one of three interfaces depending on your role's notification preference setting in the Oracle Workflow directory service. You can receive an e-mail for each individual notification, receive a single e-mail summarizing all your notifications or query the Workflow Notifications Web page for your notifications. If you choose to receive an e-mail for each individual notification, you can also choose the format in which you want to receive the e-mails. See: Setting Up an Oracle Workflow Directory Service, Oracle Workflow Administrator's Guide and Setting User Preferences.

Each notification message can include context-sensitive information about the process and directions on how to respond to the notification, if a response is required. The message can also include pointers to Web URLs and references to Oracle Applications forms that allow the user to get additional information related to the notification.

As a notification recipient, there may be occasions when you will not be able to view or respond to your notifications in a timely manner. Rather than create a bottleneck in a workflow process, you can take advantage of the Automatic Notification Handler to define rules that direct Oracle Workflow to automatically manage the notifications for you.

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