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Oracle Workflow User's Guide
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10285-02
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Viewing Notification History

The Notification History page shows information about the notifications sent by a workflow.

The page displays the workflow identifier as well as the following details for the selected workflow:

The Current Status region displays the notifications that have been sent by the workflow. For each notification, the list displays the status, subject, recipient, sent date, response received date, response value, and activity name.

Note: When you reassign a notification from the Status Monitor, Oracle Workflow transfers complete ownership and responsibility for the notification to the new recipient. If you want to delegate authority to respond to the notification but retain ownership of the notification yourself, or if you want to enter comments to the new recipient, you must use the Worklist to reassign the notification. See: To Reassign a Notification to Another User.
Note: You cannot reassign a notification if the Expand Roles option is selected for the notification.
Additionally, you cannot reassign a voting notification that tallies the recipients' responses. See: Voting Activity, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide.

You can also select the Return link to return to the previous page, or choose Status Diagram or Participant Responses in the side navigation to navigate to the corresponding Status Monitor page.

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