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Oracle Workflow API Reference
Release 2.6.3

Part Number B10286-02
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PL/SQL Syntax

procedure RESPOND

(nid in number,
respond_comment in varchar2 default null,
responder in varchar2 default null);

Java Syntax

public static boolean respond

(WFContext wCtx,
BigDecimal nid,
String comment,
String responder)


This procedure may be invoked by the notification agent (Notification Web page or e-mail agent) when the performer completes the response to the notification. The procedure marks the notification as 'CLOSED' and communicates RESPOND attributes back to the database via the callback function (if supplied).

This procedure also accepts the name of the individual who actually responded to the notification. This may be useful to know especially if the notification is assigned to a multi-user role. The information is stored in the RESPONDER column of the WF_NOTIFICATIONS table. The value stored in this column depends on how the user responds to the notification. The following table shows the value that is stored for each response mechanism.

Response Mechanism Value Stored
Web Web login username
E-mail E-mail username as displayed in the mail response

Additionally, the Respond() procedure calls NtfSignRequirementsMet() to determine whether the response meets any signature requirements imposed by the electronic signature policy of the notification. If the requirements have not been met, Respond() raises an error. See: #WF_SIG_POLICY Attribute, Oracle Workflow Developer's Guide and NtfSignRequirementsMet.

Arguments (input)

wCtx Workflow context information. Required for the Java method only. See: Oracle Workflow Context.
nid The notification ID.
comment An optional comment on the response
responder The user who responded to the notification.

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