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Oracle® Developer Suite Release Notes
10g (9.0.4) for Windows, Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX
Part No. B10668-03
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Part I Product Release Notes

1 What's New in the Oracle Developer Suite 10g Release Notes?

1.1 Chapter 4 "Known Issues"
1.2 Chapter 7 "Oracle Discoverer Administrator"
1.3 Chapter 10 "Oracle Reports"

2 Product Naming

2.1 Windows Components
2.2 Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX Components

3 Certification Information

3.1 Certification Information

4 Known Issues

4.1 Preinstallation Issues
4.1.1 Oracle Business Intelligence Beans
4.1.2 Oracle9i Warehouse Builder
4.2 Installation Issues
4.3 Postinstallation Issues
4.3.1 Java Versions
4.4 Deinstallation Issues
4.5 Platform-specific Issues
4.5.1 Linux Issues Revised Linux Operating Environment Software Requirements Setting the PATH environment variable in Linux
4.6 Configuration Issues
4.7 Administration Issues
4.8 Documentation Errata
4.8.1 Oracle Developer Suite 10g Installation Guide
4.8.2 Oracle Developer Suite 10g Quick Installation Guide
4.8.3 Linux Operating Environment Software Requirements Red Hat Linux 2.1 Requirements Red Hat Linux 3.0 Requirements UnitedLinux 1.0 Requirements

Part II Component Release Notes

5 Oracle9i JDeveloper

5.1 General Issues and Workarounds
5.1.1 Introduction Support for Oracle9i Release 2 (9.2)
5.1.2 Deploying to OC4J OC4J Version Shipped with Oracle JDeveloper 9.0.4 OC4J Memory Requirements
5.1.3 Deploying to Other Application Servers Problems Running UIX Web Applications (including the BC4J JSP Admin Page) Deployed to Non-Oracle Application Servers (2577293) Deploying Web Applications to Apache Tomcat 4.1 Problems in JSP Applications Deployed to Tomcat (2615358) XSQL Page Processor Cannot Read Pages from Unexpanded Servlet 2.2 WAR File (1552039) Type Incompatibilities when Deploying to WebLogic WebLogic6.1 Fails to Understand Windows-1252 Encoding in XML Files CORBA Requires JDK 1.3 at Runtime (2685103)
5.1.4 Miscellaneous Deployment Issues ejb-ref in web.xml not Updated if the Bean Type is Changed from Remote to Local (2589997)
5.1.5 BC4J Issues Available Tables not Visible Under Java Type Map and SQL92 SQL Flavor (2693168) 902 Projects with VO or Attribute Names Containing $ do not Migrate (2701773) JDeveloper 9.0.4 *.jpr File Format Not Backward Compatible with 9.0.3 (2682921) Migrated Project: Export Interface is Removed but Still Implemented in IMPL Class (2676186) Bean Name in <EJB-LOCAL-REF> not Updated when Underlying Entity is Renamed (2587916) Setting Current Database Time Using Entity Facades (2525437) Replace qView with getRowSet in Migration Documentation (2723075) Documentation Refers to BC4J "Wizards" Unable to Run a BC4J JSP in OC4J in VB Bind Mode (2594776) Problem Running Struts Actions in 9.0.3 Project After Upgrade (2756440) Help Sometimes Not Available for Business Component Browser jbo.debugoutput Property can Take Value of "file"
5.1.6 EJB Issues Cannot Run EJB in Embedded OC4J Server if Workspace Has Two Projects (2096700, 2591173)
5.1.7 JClient Issues JTree Binding is not Editable (2061405) Cannot Run JClient Applications in EJB Mode Running in Webstart 1.2 (2699458) Webstart not Launched in IE 5.5 Due to Mimetype Problems (2573655) SpinnerNumberModel for JSpinner Control does not Work for oracle.jbo.domain.Number (2738858)
5.1.8 Source Control Support Issues Oracle SCM: JDeveloper Does Not Share Folder Mappings with the Oracle SCM RON Oracle SCM: Using JDeveloper and the Oracle SCM VHV Oracle SCM: Connecting to Oracle Software Configuration Manager 6i Release 4.1.1 or Above
5.1.9 Modeling Issues: General Performing Source Control Operations On Model Element and Diagram Files (2211605) Exceptions on Startup if Install Directory Has a Space in Name (2709528)
5.1.10 Modeling Issues: Modeling Java Classes, BC4J or EJB Components Deleting Modeled Java Classes (2706800)
5.1.11 Modeling Issues: Modeling Activities for E-Business Integration E-Business Integration Generator Generates Propagations Using Public Database Links (2063917) Using HTTP Propagation on a 9.0.1 Database
5.1.12 Web Services Issues Renaming a Method on a Modeled Web Service Fails to Expose It (2702659) SOAP Web Service Does Not Start New Session (2218102) Using JMS Web Services with OC4J Creating JMS Web Services that Use Both Send and Receive Operations Running the PL/SQL Web Service Generator with JDK 1.4 Runtime Error Calling a Web Service from a Generated Stub (2389203) Cannot Model Web Services Based on PL/SQL Packages (2466833) Creating a Stub with Overloaded Methods to a .NET Web Service (2689939) Web Service Stub if Generated from JDeveloper Install Path has Space (3068701) Generating Stubs for WSDL Files That Refer to Other WSDL Files (2627242)
5.1.13 Using WebDAV Connections in JDeveloper
5.1.14 Miscellaneous Issues PL/SQL Compilation Errors Not Displayed (2688533) Allowable Values for Columns Must be Given a Display Sequence (2717508) Toystore Demo Contains Obsolete bc4jstruts.jar File Right Mouse Menu "Go to Source" no Longer Working (3146584) Passivation/Activation of interMedia Domain Objects with Media Content to Upload does not Work in 3 Tier Environment (2887647)
5.2 Platform-specific Issues and Workarounds
5.2.1 Windows Platform Issues and Workarounds Updated JDK Required for Windows Preview Oracle9i JDeveloper
5.2.2 Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX Platform Issues and Workarounds General Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX Platform Issues and Workarounds Solaris-specific Issues and Workarounds Linux-specific Issues and Workarounds HP-UX Issues and Workarounds
5.3 Configuration Issues and Workarounds
5.4 Administration Issues and Workarounds
5.5 Documentation Errata
5.5.1 Replace qView with getRowSet in Migration Documentation (2723075)
5.5.2 Documentation Refers to BC4J "Wizards"

6 Oracle Business Intelligence Beans

6.1 Introduction
6.2 General Issues and Workarounds
6.2.1 Tutorials and samples
6.2.2 QueryBuilder and queries
6.2.3 Presentations
6.2.4 BI Beans Catalog
6.2.5 General deployment issues
6.2.6 Configuration steps for deploying HTML-client applications Deploying to OC4J Migrating Applications Deployed to OC4J Deploying to Tomcat Deploying to JBoss
6.2.7 Deploying to Java Web Start
6.2.8 Internationalization issues
6.2.9 Accessibility limitations
6.3 Platform-specific Issues and Workarounds
6.4 Configuration Issues and Workarounds
6.4.1 JDBC Drivers Upgrading the drivers automatically Upgrading the drivers manually Restoring the original drivers
6.4.2 Changing from the thin to the thick drivers
6.4.3 BI Beans configuration diagnostic utility
6.4.4 Connections
6.5 Administration Issues and Workarounds
6.6 Documentation Errata

7 Oracle Discoverer Administrator

7.1 General Issues and Workarounds
7.1.1 "Cannot find a required file : dcmresus.msb.Ó When Trying to Launch Oracle Discoverer 9.0.2 after Installing 9.0.4
7.1.2 ORA-3113 Errors when Using Heterogeneous Data Services with Oracle Discoverer Administrator
7.1.3 JOB_QUEUE_INTERVAL Settings and Oracle Applications Users
7.1.4 Recommended Update for Batch Repository Created with Oracle Discoverer 9.0.2
7.2 Platform-specific Issues and Workarounds
7.3 Configuration Issues and Workarounds
7.4 Administration Issues and Workarounds
7.5 Useful Information
7.5.1 Upgrading from Oracle Discoverer 3.1
7.5.2 Manually Editing the End User Layer Tables
7.5.3 Availability of HWOnline files
7.5.4 Setting Oracle Discoverer Registry Variables for Use by Oracle Discoverer EUL Command Line for Java Commands
7.5.5 Additional Oracle Discoverer Registry Variables
7.5.6 Required Privileges For the Scheduled Workbook Results Schema How to grant the SELECT privilege on the synonym v$parameter to enable you to run scheduled workbooks
7.5.7 Running the Oracle Discoverer EUL Command Line for Java (Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX only)
7.5.8 Oracle Discoverer and Real Application Clusters (RAC)/Transparent Application Failover (TAF)
7.6 Documentation Errata
7.6.1 Item Class Wizard: Choose Attributes dialog description
7.6.2 Correction to /export (EUL Objects) Example
7.6.3 Missing '-jar' in Example Syntax given for Running Oracle Discoverer EUL Command Line for Java commands
7.6.4 About Scheduled Workbooks and Compatibility Between the Current Version of Oracle Discoverer and Previous Releases
7.6.5 <ORACLE_HOME>\discoverer\util should read <ORACLE_HOME>\discoverer\sql

8 Oracle Discoverer Desktop

8.1 General Issues and Workarounds
8.1.1 "Cannot find a required file : dcmresus.msb." When Trying to Run Oracle Discoverer 9.0.2 after Installing 9.0.4
8.2 Platform-specific Issues and Workarounds
8.3 Configuration Issues and Workarounds
8.4 Administration Issues and Workarounds
8.5 Useful Information
8.5.1 Manually Editing the End User Layer Tables
8.5.2 Refresh Query For Users Only Able to Run Scheduled Workbooks
8.5.3 Availability of HWOnline files
8.5.4 Additional Oracle Discoverer Registry variables
8.5.5 Oracle Discoverer and Real Application Clusters (RAC)/Transparent Application Failover (TAF)
8.6 Documentation Errata

9 Oracle Forms Developer

9.1 General Issues and Workarounds
9.1.1 No Need To Recompile Forms When Upgrading To Oracle Forms 10g (9.0.4)
9.1.2 Forms Cannot Handle Multibyte CLOB Data Correctly
9.1.3 Embedded Fonts in Forms Developer
9.1.4 Iconic Push Buttons
9.1.5 Restriction For Data Block Wizard
9.1.6 When-Mouse-Click Doesn't Fire For Right Mouse Click
9.2 Platform-specific Issues and Workarounds
9.2.1 Windows Platform Issues and Workarounds FRM-18113 Error When Clicking On Design Capture Location of JAWS Scripts Java Related Dialogs And Windows Are Not Read By Jaws Graphics Fails Against Database (64bit)
9.2.2 Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX Platform Issues and Workarounds General Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX Platform Issues and Workarounds Using TK90_UNKNOWN
9.2.3 HP-UX Issues and Workarounds
9.3 Configuration Issues and Workarounds
9.3.1 SSO Dynamic Resource Creation Fails When 904 BI-Forms Uses 902 Infrastructure on the Same Machine
9.3.2 Forms and Reports Integration Cannot Invoke Reports Builder from Form Builder Restarting OPMN In-process Reports Server Raises Error Forms Migration Assistant: RUN_PRODUCT(Reports) rp2rro Reports Object Is Not Created in Object Library
9.4 Documentation Errata
9.4.1 Oracle Forms Services Deployment Guide

10 Oracle Reports

10.1 General Issues and Workarounds
10.1.1 Running a Simple Matrix Report to the Web
10.1.2 Opening / Running an encoded JSP report
10.1.3 Dynamically Embedding a Character Set in a JSP file
10.1.4 Running a Multibyte report containing an embedded Oracle Object
10.1.5 Viewing Oracle Enterprise Manager screens in non European languages
10.1.6 Specifying the encoding of an XML PDS Report
10.1.7 FTP and WebDaV Destinations Not Supported from Reports Builder
10.1.8 Oracle9i JDeveloper Integration Deadlock When Debugging JSP Reports in Oracle9i JDeveloper Graph Not Appearing in Oracle9i JDeveloper Reports in-process server
10.2 Platform-specific Issues and Workarounds
10.2.1 Windows Platform Issues and Workarounds Using osfind with JDK 1.4 Invoking the Getting Started Page From Reports Builder Printing Reports Without Hardware-based Left Margins
10.2.2 Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX Platform Issues and Workarounds General Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX Platform Issues and Workarounds Solaris Issues and Workarounds Linux Issues and Workarounds HP-UX Issues and Workarounds
10.3 Configuration Issues and Workarounds
10.3.1 Repairing Fonts Not Appearing Correctly in Web Source View
10.3.2 Optimizing the Deployment of Reports
10.3.3 Improving Image Resolution of Graphs Displayed in a PDF File or on a Printer
10.3.4 Specifying the Values for Oracle Reports' Java Virtual Machine
10.3.5 Resolving Reports-Portal Integration Error When Attempting OID Create Resource
10.3.6 Running to Web Layout on Reports Builder
10.4 Administration Issues and Workarounds
10.4.1 Authenticating EM Access to Reports Server Information
10.4.2 Running Reports on OracleAS Portal as an Item Link
10.5 Documentation Errata
10.5.1 REPORTS_CLASSPATH variable in Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX
10.5.2 Oracle Reports Documentation Page on Oracle Technology Network
10.5.3 Revised Section of Oracle Application Server Reports Services Publishing Reports to the Web Deploying an Oracle Reports JSP to an OC4J_BI_FORMS Instance
10.5.4 Possible Outdated Screenshots in Oracle Reports Server Reports Services Publishing Reports to the Web

11 Oracle Designer

11.1 General Issues and Workarounds
11.1.1 Installation Oracle Designer patchsets to 9.0.4 Oracle Designer/SCM Patchset immediate installation may be required Japanese in the multi-language environment Setting up the repository for NLS operation Enabling repository support for Oracle Designer Objects when the repository only supports core objects Migration from Oracle Designer Web Assistant (ODWA) to Repository Object Browser (ROB)
11.1.2 System Modeling and Design Tools
11.1.3 Database Design Transformer
11.1.4 Form Generator
11.1.5 Web PL/SQL Generator
11.1.6 Report Generator, Design Capture and Application Logic Capture
11.1.7 Server Generator
11.1.8 Repository Reports
11.1.9 Matrix Diagrammer
11.1.10 Accessibility
11.1.11 Other problems and restrictions
11.2 Platform-specific Issues and Workarounds
11.3 Configuration Issues and Workarounds
11.4 Administration Issues and Workarounds
11.5 Documentation Errata

12 Oracle Software Configuration Manager

12.1 General Issues and Workarounds
12.1.1 Patchsets
12.1.2 Oracle Forms Developer and Oracle Reports Developer Users
12.1.3 Certification against Oracle RDBMS
12.1.4 Upgrading from Oracle Designer Release 1.3.2
12.1.5 Multi-Language Environment
12.1.6 Compatibility of Oracle SCM and Oracle Repository 6i Repositories
12.1.7 Changes from the Previous Release (iDS 9.0.2 maintenance release
12.1.8 Fixed Bugs
12.1.9 API and Model Reference Guide
12.2 Known Problems and Restrictions
12.2.1 Migration
12.2.2 SCM Java Tools
12.2.3 Repository Administration Utility (RAU)
12.2.4 Repository Object Navigator
12.2.5 Compare Utility
12.2.6 Merge
12.2.7 Version History Viewer
12.2.8 Version Event Viewer
12.2.9 Importing and Exporting
12.2.10 Dependency Manager
12.2.11 Command Line Tool
12.2.12 Other Known Problems and Restrictions
12.3 Known Restrictions to Keyboard Controls
12.3.1 General Keyboard Control Restrictions
12.3.2 Non-Standard Keyboard Controls Dependency Manager Repository Administration Utility Repository Object Navigator General Restrictions for Java Tools
12.3.3 Known Problems and Workarounds Merge Window Repository Object Navigator Other Known Problems and Restrictions
12.3.4 Command Line Tool Accessibility
12.4 Platform-specific Issues and Workarounds
12.4.1 Windows Platform Issues and Workarounds
12.4.2 Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX Platform Issues and Workarounds General Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX Platform Issues and Workarounds Solaris Issues and Workarounds Linux Issues and Workarounds HP-UX Issues and Workarounds
12.5 Configuration Issues and Workarounds
12.6 Administration Issues and Workarounds
12.7 Documentation Errata

Part III Other Release Notes

13 Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE (OC4J)

13.1 Configuration Issues and Workarounds
13.1.1 OPMN Does Not Properly Assign CORBA SSL Client Ports for Default
13.1.2 Sharing and Using Libraries
13.1.3 Invalid or Unneeded Library Elements Degrade Performance
13.1.4 Custom User Managers Deployed Within EJB JAR Files
13.1.5 Considerations for Startup and Shutdown
13.1.6 Supported JDK Versions
13.1.7 Migrating Source Code from JDK 1.4 to JDK 1.3
13.1.8 Migrating Source Code from JDK 1.3 to JDK 1.4
13.1.9 OC4J Demo Downloads
13.2 Release Notes for JSP, Tag Libraries, and Related Demos
13.2.1 Cannot Invoke Classes That Are Not in Packages
13.2.2 Set the SAX Driver When Starting OC4J
13.2.3 JSP ojspc Issues Debug Option Has No Effect on ojspc Output The /WEB-INF/lib or /WEB-INF/classes Directories Should Not Contain .java Files
13.2.4 JESI Tag Release Notes JESI Tags No Longer Require Conditional Treatment JESI personalize Tag Now Adds Single Quotes A fragment Tag Can Be Inside an Included Page Multiple control or template Tags Can Be Used No Response Output Outside the Tags of a template Tag Do Not Use Explicit ESI Markup With JESI Tags
13.2.5 Tag Library Descriptors Must Be Under WEB-INF
13.2.6 Adding Tag Library JAR Files to /WEB-INF/lib While OC4J Is Running
13.2.7 Search Local Classes First
13.2.8 java.lang.ClassFormatError: (Truncated Class File)
13.3 Release Notes for Servlets
13.3.1 Cannot Invoke Classes Not in Packages
13.3.2 Servlet Invocation by Class Name Is Available During Development
13.3.3 Do Not Use Certain <orion-web-app> Attributes
13.4 Release Notes for EJB
13.4.1 Client Requests Must Include a Port Number
13.4.2 MDB Transaction Timeout
13.4.3 Create and Release JMS Connections for JMS in the MDB onMessage() Method
13.4.4 Considerations When Modifying Your orion-ejb-jar.xml File
13.4.5 Static Block in an EJB
13.4.6 OC4J Instances Terminating Due To ping Timeout
13.4.7 Miscellaneous EJB Release Notes
13.5 Release Notes for OC4J Services
13.5.1 Release Notes for Java Object Cache (JOC) Use javacache.xml for JOC Configuration
13.6 Release Notes for DataDirect Connect for JDBC
13.6.1 Considerations When Using DataDirect Connect for JDBC
13.6.2 Installing DataDirect Connect for JDBC
13.7 Documentation Errata
13.7.1 Servlet Developer's Guide Errata The OC4J 9.0.4 JSP Container Supports the persistence-path Flag
13.7.2 Support for JavaServer Pages Developer's Guide Errata mod_oc4j Does Not Restart OC4J Processes
13.7.3 OC4J User's Guide Errata End to End Test Results for Metrics Load Balancing