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Oracle® Collaboration Suite Security Guide
10g Release 1 (10.1.1)

Part Number B14489-02
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List of Tables

1-1 Security Features of PKI
2-1 ACE Configuration Parameters
2-2 ACE Configuration Plug-Ins
2-3 Security Features in Oracle Real-Time Collaboration Architecture
2-4 Audience and Visibility Settings to Control Conference Access
3-1 Default Accounts and Their Status (Standard Installation)
4-1 Issues and Actions Governing Security Policies
6-1 PKI Wallet Encoding Standards
6-2 Certificate Request: Fields and Descriptions
6-3 Available Key Sizes
6-4 X.509 Version 3 KeyUsage Extension Types, Values, and Descriptions
6-5 Oracle Wallet Manager Import of Trusted Certificates to an Oracle Wallet