This figure illustrates the sequence of screens during the installation of Oracle Collaboration Suite Applications. The description for sequence shown in the figure is as follows:

  1. You get the Welcome screen at the beginning of the installation.

  2. If Oracle Collaboration Suite Applications is the first Oracle product to be installed on the computer, then you get the Specify Inventory Directory screen.

  3. After you specify the inventory, you must enter the UNIX group name.

  4. Run

  5. You get the Specify File Location screen. If Oracle Collaboration Suite Applications is not the first Oracle product to be installed, then you get the Specify the File Location screen immediately after the Welcome screen.

  6. Specify hardware cluster installation mode if the computer is a part of the hardware cluster.

  7. Select a product to install.

  8. Run the product-specific prerequisite checks.

  9. After you run the checks, select components to configure.

  10. Register with Oracle Internet Directory and specify username and password for Oracle Internet Directory.

  11. You get the OracleAS Metadata Repository screen where you select the Oracle Collaboration Suite Database.

  12. Select database components and port configuration options.

  13. Specify the administrative instance name and password.

  14. Check if the Oracle Calendar Server is selected.

  15. Specify the Oracle Mail Domain information

Refer to Table 5-2, Table 5-3, and Table 5-4 for the details for installing Oracle Collaboration Suite Applications.