Read Throughput


This metric shows the read throughput detail of a disk group mounted in an Automatic Storage Management (ASM) instance. This gives an indication for the total number of bytes read from the disk group with proportion to the total read time for this disk group in an instance.

Metric Summary

The rest of the information in this section is only valid for this metric when it appears in either the Enterprise Manager Grid Control or the Enterprise Manager Database Control (if applicable).

The following table shows how often the metric's value is collected.

Target Version

Collection Frequency

All Versions

Every 15 Minutes

Data Source

It is calculated using the Instance Disk Performance metric which in turn collects data from the GV$ASM_DISKGROUP and GV$ASM_DISK views for 10g Release 1 and the GV$ASM_DISKGROUP_STAT and GV$ASM_DISK_STAT views for 10g Release 2.

To calculate the average read throughput of each disk, the total number of bytes read is divided by the total read time during the collection interval. This data is aggregated by the disk group name to get the average read throughput of a disk group. The data is displayed for all instances that are part of the cluster.

User Action

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