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Oracle® Enterprise Manager System Monitoring Plug-in Metric Reference Manual for Non-Oracle Database Management
Release 12 (12.0)

Part Number B28748-11
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4 Microsoft SQL Server Reports

This chapter provides a list of out-of-box reports available for System Monitoring Plug-In for Microsoft SQL Server.

Table 4-1 Microsoft SQL Server Reports

Report Name Report Elements

Microsoft SQLServer System Configuration

  • Instance Information

  • Registry

  • Security

  • Server Parameters

Microsoft SQLServer System Database Configuration

  • Database

  • Database Settings

Microsoft SQLServer System Memory Statistics

  • Server Statistics

  • Buffer Cache Hit Ratio (%)

  • Cache Hit Ratio (%)

  • Average Latch Wait Time (ms)

  • Total Lock Wait Time (ms)

Microsoft SQLServer System Space Usage

  • Database Space Usage

  • Top 5 Databases by Space Used (%)

  • Database Files

Microsoft SQLServer System Users and Privileges

  • Top 10 User Logins Based on CPU Usage (ms)

  • Server Roles

  • Logins

  • Database Users

Microsoft SQLServer System Performance

  • Host CPU load percentage

  • Top SQL Server Processes by CPU Time

  • Memory Manager

  • Top Server Processes by Memory Usage

Microsoft SQLServer System Process Info and Locks

  • Summary

  • Process States

  • Process Info

  • Process Locks

  • Lock Analysis

Microsoft SQLServer System Cache and Buffer

  • Memory Status

  • Buffer Performance

  • Buffer Allocation

  • Cache Performance

  • Memory Allocation

  • Memory Allocation Chart

Microsoft SQLServer System Alert Log and Alert Events

  • Error Logs

  • Event Summary (in current log)

  • Server and Agent Errors

  • Server and Agent Warnings

  • Server Alerts

Microsoft SQLServer System Database Backups and Jobs

  • Database Backups

  • Database Jobs

Microsoft SQLServer System Cluster

  • Cluster Nodes Summary

  • Nodes in Cluster

  • SQL Cluster Nodes Summary

  • Cluster Resources and Activity

Microsoft SQLServer System Statistics

  • Server Statistics

  • Rate of Errors

  • Packet Error Ratio

  • Rate of Reads

  • Rate of Writes

  • Database Statistics

  • Database Statistics Summary

  • Server Statistics

The following shows the Space Usage report available for Microsoft SQL Server:

Figure 4-1 Space Usage Report

Space Usage Report