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Oracle® OPatch User's Guide
10g Release 2 (10.2) for Windows and UNIX

Part Number E15294-01
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3 OPatch Prerequisite Checks

Before you use the OPatch command and available options, you need to check that OPatch prerequisites have been fulfilled. The following sections of this chapter provide the needed information:

Prerequisite Checks in OPatch

Before you invoke OPatch, perform the following prerequisite checks:

Check ORACLE_HOME Environment Variable

OPatch verifies if the Oracle home is present. You must ensure that the ORACLE_HOME environment variable is set to the Oracle home of the product you are trying to patch. Check your respective vendor documentation for the details to set the environment variable.

Check for JRE and JDK

OPatch requires JDK 1.4 or higher to work properly. JRE comes as a part of JDK.

OPatch 10.2 uses the jar utility that comes with JDK for its jar, war, and ear operations. Opatch searches for JDK inside the specified Oracle home. If the Oracle home does not have JDK, you have to use the -jdk option in OPatch to provide an alternate location. OPatch displays an error if there is a jar/war/ear operation and cannot locate the Java SDK location.

T find the version of JDK installed, execute the following command:

JDK/bin/java -version


If the patch you are applying does not have a jar action, you might not need JDK, and OPatch will function acceptably with JRE alone.

Check for System Space

When OPatch processes the script for the installation of a patch, it simultaneously generates a rollback script and saves a copy of every file edited or deleted during the patching. OPatch also backs up the inventory information. Therefore, Oracle recommends that you have sufficient system space to accommodate the patch and the backup information.

Check for Oracle Universal Installer and OPatch Version Compatibility

OPatch 10.2 requires Oracle Universal Installer 10.2 or higher to work properly. If the Oracle Universal Installer version is less than what OPatch requires, OPatch errors out.

Check for Patch Applicable on Operating System

OPatch detects if a particular patch is applicable for an operating system. If it is not applicable, it gives out a suitable error message.

Check for System Commands

OPatch supports a set of properties used for various operations of the software. You can use these properties to control the internal operations of OPatch. By default, OPatch uses the standard Java property format to specify the properties. The complete list of the default properties and their values are as follows:




You can specify OPatch properties in the following ways:

  • By using the default OPatch properties.

  • By specifying the location of the user-defined properties file.

  • By using the command line. The syntax is as follows:


    Example: fuser=/sbin:/usr/sbin

Additional Prerequisite Checks for Oracle Real Application Clusters

For Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), ensure that you perform the following pre-requisite checks besides the other checks listed in the previous sections.

For specific information on Oracle RAC patching, see Chapter 5, "Oracle Real Application Clusters Patching".

Check for User Equivalence

You must ensure that the cluster systems have user equivalence set for the user installing Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Real Application Clusters. On UNIX, this means rsh , ssh or both should be set up on the cluster systems. On Windows, this means the same <domain>\<user> should have administrative privileges on all the cluster systems and the systems should be a member of the <domain>.

If the user equivalence is set properly, the following command will work properly:

$ rsh <nodename> date

Check for OPatch lsinventory

Ensure that you are able to invoke the opatch lsinventory -detail command and are able to see the node information being printed out. A sample listing of the output of the command is as follows:

Oracle interim Patch Installer version
Copyright (c) 2009, Oracle Corporation.  All rights reserved..
Oracle Home       : /home/racqa/102_twork/toii/toiir/toiir571/HOMEtoiir571
Central Inventory : /home/racqa/102_twork/toii/toiir/toiir571/inventory
   from           : /home/racqa/102_
OPatch version    :
OUI version       :
OUI location      : /home/racqa/102_twork/toii/toiir/toiir571/HOMEtoiir571/oui
Log file location : /home/racqa/102_
Lsinventory Output file location : /home1/racqa/102_
Installed Top-level Products (1): 
Oracle Database 10g                                        
There are 1 products installed in this Oracle Home.
Installed Products (151): 
Advanced Queueing (AQ) API                                 
Advanced Replication                                       
Agent Required Support Files                               
Assistant Common Files                                     
Authentication and Encryption                              
Bali Share                                                 
Character Set Migration Utility                            
CSS Single-instance Common Files                           
Data Management Services Common Files                      
Database Configuration Assistant                           
Database SQL Scripts                                       
Database Upgrade Assistant                                 
Database Verify Utility                                    
Database Workspace Manager                                 
DBJAVA Required Support Files                              
Documentation Required Support Files                       
Enterprise Edition Options                                 
Enterprise Manager Agent                                   
Enterprise Manager Common Files                            
Enterprise Manager Minimal Integration                     
Enterprise Manager plugin Common Files                     
Enterprise Manager Repository                              
Extended Windowing Toolkit                                 
Generic Connectivity Common Files                          
Generic Connectivity Using ODBC                            
Installation Common Files                                  
Installer SDK Component                                    
Java Naming and Directory Interface Libraries              
Java Runtime Environment                                    
JDBC Common Files                                          
JDBC/OCI Common Files                                      
JDBC/OCI Common Files for Instant Client                   
LDAP Required Support Files                                
New Database ID                                            
Object Type Translator                                     
Oracle Advanced Security                                   
Oracle C++ Call Interface                                  
Oracle C++ Call Interface for Instant Client               
Oracle Call Interface (OCI)                                
Oracle Client Required Support Files                       
Oracle Code Editor                                         
Oracle Containers for Java                                 
Oracle Core Required Support Files                         
Oracle Data Mining                                         
Oracle Database 10g                                        
Oracle Database 10g                                        
Oracle Database User Interface                             
Oracle Database Utilities                                  
Oracle Development Kit                                     
Oracle Display Fonts                                        
Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control             
Oracle Enterprise Manager Console DB                       
Oracle Extended Windowing Toolkit                          
Oracle Globalization Support                               
Oracle Help For Java                                       
Oracle Help for the  Web                                   
Oracle Ice Browser                                          
Oracle interMedia                                          
Oracle interMedia Annotator                                
Oracle interMedia Audio                                    
Oracle interMedia Client Compatibility Files               
Oracle interMedia Client Demos                             
Oracle interMedia Client Option                            
Oracle interMedia Common Files                             
Oracle interMedia Image                                    
Oracle interMedia Java Advanced Imaging                    
Oracle interMedia Java Client                              
Oracle interMedia Locator                                  
Oracle interMedia Video                                    
Oracle interMedia Web Client                               
Oracle Internet Directory Client                           
Oracle Internet Directory Client Common Files              
Oracle Internet Directory Tools                            
Oracle Java Tools                                          
Oracle JDBC Thin Driver for JDK 1.2                        
Oracle JDBC Thin Driver for JDK 1.4                        
Oracle JDBC Thin Driver for JDK 1.4 for Instant Client     
Oracle JDBC/OCI Driver for JDK 1.4                         
Oracle JFC Extended Windowing Toolkit                      
Oracle JVM                                                 
Oracle Locale Builder                                      
Oracle Message Gateway Common Files                        
Oracle Net                                                 
Oracle Net Configuration Assistant                         
Oracle Net Listener                                        
Oracle Net Manager                                         
Oracle Net Required Support Files                          
Oracle Net Services                                        
Oracle Notification Service                                 
Oracle OLAP                                                
Oracle OLAP API                                            
Oracle OLAP Catalog                                        
Oracle One-Off Patch Installer                             
Oracle Partitioning                                        
Oracle Programmer                                          
Oracle RAC Required Support Files                          
Oracle RAC Required Support Files-HAS                      
Oracle Real Application Clusters                           
Oracle Spatial                                             
Oracle Starter Database                                    
Oracle Text                                                
Oracle UIX                                                
Oracle Ultra Search Common Files                           
Oracle Ultra Search Middle-Tier                            
Oracle Ultra Search Server                                 
Oracle Universal Installer                                 
Oracle Wallet Manager                                      
Oracle XML Developer's Kit                                 
Oracle XML Runtime Components                              
Oracle XML SQL Utility                                     
Oracle10g Real Application Clusters Common Files           
Parser Generator Required Support Files                    
Perl Interpreter                                           
PL/SQL Embedded Gateway                                    
PL/SQL Required Support Files                              
Platform Required Support Files                            
Precompiler Common Files                                   
Precompiler Required Support Files                         
RDBMS Required Support Files                               
Recovery Manager                                           
Required Support Files                                     
Sample Schema                                              
Secure Socket Layer                                        
Secure Socket Layer                                        
SQL*Plus Required Support Files                            
SQLJ Runtime                                               
SSL Required Support Files                                 
SSL Required Support Files for InstantClient               
Sun JDK                                                     
Sun JDK extensions                                          
Utilities Common Files                                     
Visigenics ORB                                              
XDK Required Support Files                                 
XML Class Generator for C++                                
XML Class Generator for Java                               
XML Parser for C                                           
XML Parser for C++                                         
XML Parser for Java                                        
XML Parser for Oracle JVM                                  
XML Parser for PL/SQL                                      
XML Transviewer Beans                                      
XML Transx                                                 
XSQL Servlet                                               
There are 151 products installed in this Oracle Home.
Intermin patches (1) :
Patch  3811942      : applied on Mon May 30 00:59:33 PDT 2008
   Created on 31 Aug 2007, 12:06:28 hrs US/Pacific
   Bugs fixed:
   Files Touched:
     /hosp.o --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libagent10.a
     /pesblt.o --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libpls10.a
     /kgl.o --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libgeneric10.a
     /qcpi6.o --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libgeneric10.a --> ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib/iextjob --> ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib/iextjobo --> ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib/client_sharedlib
     /hosp.o --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libserver10.a
     /prse.o --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libserver10.a
     /prsa.o --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libserver10.a
     /prsf.o --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libserver10.a
     /prssz.o --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libserver10.a
     /kprc.o --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libserver10.a
     /qmhdr.o --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libserver10.a
     /pesblt.o --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libpls10.a
     /qcpi6.o --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libgeneric10.a
     prvtpexp.plb --> ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/prvtpexp.plb
     sjsex.o --> ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib/sjsex.o --> ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib/iextjob --> ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib/iextjobo --> ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib/ioracle --> ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib/client_sharedlib
     driload.pkh --> ORACLE_HOME/ctx/admin/driload.pkh
     /oracle/sysman/assistants/util/em/EMConfigStep.class --> ORACLE_
     /oracle/sysman/assistants/util/sqlEngine/SQLEngine.class --> ORACLE_
     /oracle/sysman/assistants/dbca/backend/DBEntryStep.class --> ORACLE_
     /oracle/sysman/assistants/dbca/backend/EMConfigStep.class --> ORACLE_
     /oracle/sysman/assistants/dbca/backend/PostDBCreationStep.class --> ORACLE_
     /oracle/sysman/emcp/EMConfig.class --> ORACLE_HOME/jlib/emca.jar
     /oracle/sysman/emcp/IEMCAConstants.class --> ORACLE_HOME/jlib/emca.jar
     /oracle/sysman/emcp/EMConfig.class --> ORACLE_HOME/sysman/jlib/emCORE.jar
     /oracle/sysman/emcp/IEMCAConstants.class --> ORACLE_
     /oracle/sysman/emSDK/conf/ConfigManager.class --> ORACLE_
     /oracle/sysman/emSDK/eml/EmlConstants.class --> ORACLE_
     /oracle/sysman/util/pref/PrefUtil.class --> ORACLE_
HOME/sysman/jlib/emCORE.jar --> ORACLE_HOME/emdw/bin/
     /ncrfipm.o --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libnro10.a
     libsqlplus.a --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libsqlplus.a --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/
     libisqlplus.a --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/libisqlplus.a --> ORACLE_HOME/lib/
     mdprivs.sql --> ORACLE_HOME/md/admin/mdprivs.sql
     prvtgmd.plb --> ORACLE_HOME/md/admin/prvtgmd.plb
     sdolrsmd.sql --> ORACLE_HOME/md/admin/sdolrsmd.sql
     prvtccbk.plb --> ORACLE_HOME/md/admin/prvtccbk.plb
     wk0acl.pkh --> ORACLE_HOME/ultrasearch/admin/wk0acl.pkh
     wk0acl.plb --> ORACLE_HOME/ultrasearch/admin/wk0acl.plb
     wk0adm.pkh --> ORACLE_HOME/ultrasearch/admin/wk0adm.pkh
     wk0adm.plb --> ORACLE_HOME/ultrasearch/admin/wk0adm.plb
     wk0snapshot.plb --> ORACLE_HOME/ultrasearch/admin/wk0snapshot.plb
     wk0util.pkh --> ORACLE_HOME/ultrasearch/admin/wk0util.pkh
     wk0util.plb --> ORACLE_HOME/ultrasearch/admin/wk0util.plb
   Patch Location in Inventory:
   Patch Location in Storage area:
Rac system comprising of multiple nodes
  Local node = stadu56
  Remote node = stacg16
OPatch succeeded.

If you do not find the node information correctly printed out, you need to update the node list. For more information on updating the node list, see the Oracle Universal Installer User's Guide.