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Oracle® Database 2 Day DBA
10g Release 2 (10.2)

Part Number B14196-02
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Tools for Network Configuration

Oracle enables you to manage your network configuration with the following tools: Oracle Net Configuration Assistant, Enterprise Manager, and Oracle Net Manager.

Oracle Net Configuration Assistant

The Oracle Universal Installer launches Oracle Net Configuration Assistant after the database is installed. Use Oracle Net Configuration Assistant to configure the listening protocol address and service information for an Oracle database.

During a typical database install, Oracle Net Configuration Assistant automatically configures a listener called LISTENER that has a TCP/IP listening protocol address for the database. If you do a custom install, Oracle Net Configuration Assistant prompts you to configure a listener name and protocol address of your choice.

Use Oracle Net Configuration Assistant for initial network configuration after database installation. Thereafter, you can use the Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Net Manager to configure and administer your networks.

Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager enables you to manage your server-side network configuration with two pages: the Listener page and the Net Services Administration page.

The Listener page displays the listener status and enables you to shut it down. You can navigate to this page from the Home page by clicking the Listener link under General. See "Viewing Listener Configuration" in this chapter.

You can navigate to the Net Services page from the Home page by clicking Listener under General. The Listener page appears. Under Related Links, click Net Services Administration.

The Net Services Administration page enables you to do the following:

  • Perform the following administrative tasks for a selected listener:

    • Show current status

    • Change status (start/stop listener)

    • Change tracing settings

    • Change logging settings

  • Configure the following:

    • Listener

    • Local naming (tnsnames.ora files) on the machine running the database

    • Directory naming

  • Search and sort local and directory naming entries

  • Export directory naming entries to tnsnames.ora file

Oracle Net Manager

You can access Oracle Net Manager from the command line or for Windows platforms through the Start menu.

  • For command line (UNIX, Linux, or Windows) run netmgr.

  • On Windows click the Start button and select Programs, Oracle - oracle_home, Configuration and Migration Tools, and then Net Manager

Oracle Net Manager provides the same features as Oracle Enterprise Manager with the addition of configuring profiles. To learn how to use this tool, see "Configuring Oracle Networking on Client Machines".