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Oracle® Database Lite SQL Reference
10g (10.2.0)
Part No. B15917-01
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B SQL Limitations For Oracle Database Lite

There are limitations to SQL that is different than the Oracle database, as follows:

Table B-1 Datatype Limits

Datatypes Limit Comments
BFILE Maximum size: 2 GB

Maximum size of the directory or file names: no database imposed limit

All BFILE objects are stored as LOB
BLOB Maximum size: 2 GB
CHAR Maximum size: 4096 bytes
CHAR VARYING Maximum size: 4096 bytes
CLOB Maximum size: 2 GB
Literals No limit
LONG Maximum size: 2 GB A table can have any number of long columns
NUMBER Operating system limit NUMBER is converted to a double precision number on the native platform
NUMBER (p, s) 999 ... (38 9's) x 10 ^ 125 maximum

-999... (38 9's) x 10 ^125 minimum

Maximum precision of 38 decimal digits
VARCHAR Maximum size: 4096 bytes
VARCHAR2 Maximum size: 4096 bytes

Table B-2 Physical Database Limits

Item Limit Comments
Database Block Size 4096 bytes Fixed size
Database File 1 database file for each catalog An application can open any number of catalogs.
Database File Size 4 GB Affected by the operating system. Maximum file size allowed by the operating system.
Max Object or Row Length 4040 When an object (row) exceeds this length, it is converted into a binary long object. So, UNION will not work on this table.
DSN Name 31 bytes (31 US chars) Limit is 31 bytes
Database Path Name 129 bytes _MAX_PATH -5, which is 255 on Win32
Database filename 129 bytes _MAX_PATH -8, which is 252 on Win32.

Table B-3 Logical Database Limits

Item Limit Comments
Indexes Maximum for each table unlimited
Columns table 1000

index 32 columns maximum
Constraints Maximum for each column unlimited
Nested queries Maximum number unlimited
Rows Maximum number for the table no limit
SQL statement length Maximum length of statements unlimited, particular tools may impose lower limits

Table B-4 Process/Runtime Limits

Item Limit Comments
Shared Memory 128 MB Maximum
Cache 64 4K blocks by default Used for caching database pages