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What's New in Oracle Call Interface?

1 Introduction and Upgrading

2 OCI Programming Basics

3 Datatypes

4 Using SQL Statements in OCI

5 Binding and Defining in OCI

6 Describing Schema Metadata

7 LOB and BFILE Operations

8 Managing Scalable Platforms

9 OCI Programming Advanced Topics

10 OCI Object-Relational Programming

11 Object-Relational Datatypes in OCI

12 Direct Path Loading

13 Object Advanced Topics in OCI

14 Using the Object Type Translator with OCI

15 OCI Relational Functions

16 More OCI Relational Functions

17 OCI Navigational and Type Functions

18 OCI Datatype Mapping and Manipulation Functions

19 OCI Cartridge Functions

20 OCI Any Type and Data Functions

21 OCI Globalization Support Functions

22 OCI XML DB Functions

A Handle and Descriptor Attributes

B OCI Demonstration Programs

C OCI Function Server Round Trips

D Getting Started with OCI for Windows