List of Figures

1-1 Sample XML Processor
1-2 The XML Parsers for Java, C, and C++
1-3 Oracle JAXB Class Generator
1-4 XSU Processes SQL Queries and Returns the Result as XML
1-5 XSQL Pages Publishing Framework
1-6 XSLT Virtual Machine
1-7 Sample XML Processor Built with Java XDK Components
1-8 Generating XML Documents with XDK C Components
1-9 Generating XML Documents Using XDK C++ Components
1-10 XDK Tools and Frameworks
2-1 Java XDK Component Dependencies for JDK 1.2 and Higher
3-1 XML Parsing Process
3-2 Comparing DOM (Tree-Based) and SAX (Event-Based) APIs
3-3 XML Parser for Java
3-4 Basic Architecture of the DOM Parser
3-5 Using the SAXParser Class
3-6 SAX Parsing with JAXP
3-7 DOM Parsing with JAXP
4-1 Using the XSLT Processor for Java
5-1 XML Schema Processor
6-1 JAXB Class Generator for Java
7-1 Pipeline Processing
7-2 Using the Pipeline Processor for Java
8-1 DOMBuilder JavaBean Usage
8-2 XSLTransformer JavaBean Usage
8-3 XMLDBAccess JavaBean Usage
8-4 XMLDiff JavaBean Usage
9-1 Generating XML with XSU
9-2 Storing XML in the Database Using XSU
9-3 Running XSU in the Database
9-4 Running XSU in the MIddle Tier
9-5 Running XSU in a Web Server
10-1 Basic Process of a TransX Application
11-1 XSQL Pages Framework Architecture
11-2 Web Access to XSQL Pages
11-3 XSQL Home Page
11-4 XML Result From XSQL Page (AvailableFlightsToday.xsql) Query
11-5 Exploring flight-list.dtd with XML Authority
11-6 XSQL Page Results in XML Format
11-7 Using an XSLT Stylesheet to Render HTML
14-1 Setting the Path for the C XDK Compiler and Linker on Windows
14-2 Setting the Include Path in Visual C/C++
14-3 Setting the Static Library Path in Visual C/C++
14-4 Setting the Names of the Libraries in Visual C/C++ Project
15-1 XML Parser for C Calling Sequence
17-1 XML Schema Processor for C Usage Diagram