What's New in the XDK?

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Features Introduced in Oracle XML Developer's Kit 10g Release 2 (10.2)

The new XDK features for the second release of Oracle Database 10g.

Globalization Development Kit (GDK) 2.0

Four .jar files are now required to provide Globalization support in XDK.

Easy XML Application Development Using JAXB XCustomization

JAXB now supports customization. There are several new sample programs in the XDK demo directory that deal with customization.

XPATH 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Functions and Operators Support in Java

This feature conforms to the external W3C standard.

SOAP APIs for C and C++

Features Introduced in Oracle XML Developer's Kit 10g Release 1 (10.1)

This section describes features introduced in the first release of Oracle Database 10g.

JAXB Class Generator

The JAXB compiler generates the interfaces and the implementation classes corresponding to the XML schema. The JAXB class generator, which is based on the Java Specification Request (JSR) recommendation for JAXB, is to be used for new applications. The Oracle class generator for Java is deprecated and replaced by the JSR-31 implementation of XML Data Binding (JAXB). The runtime will be supported, so that the Java classes generated in older releases will continue to work.

Unified API for C and C++

The functions in the unified APIs work in both XDK and XML DB and replace the C and C++ XDK functions of previous releases.

XDK C/C++ Components Change

Previously, the globalization support data environment variable setting was ORA_NLS33. It has now been changed to ORA_NLS10.

Pipeline Definition Language

The W3C Note for the Pipeline Definition Language is implemented in the XDK for Java.

XSLT Compiler and XSLT Virtual Machine (XVM)

For improved performance there are new interfaces for the XSLT processor for C and C++.

See Also:

"XVM Processor".

XSQL Pages Publishing Framework Updates

The following list highlights the key new features added to the XSQL Pages publishing framework. You can now perform the following actions:

The XSQL Servlet processor has the following new features in10g Release 1 (10.1):

SOAP Documentation Improvements

This chapter includes new sections as well as an example of a SOAP project.

New XML JavaBeans

The following new JavaBeans were added:

Changes in this Manual

The following PL/SQL chapters have been moved to the Oracle XML DB Developer's Guide:

Upgrades to the XDK Components

Specifications of the levels of the components in this release are described in "XML Standards Supported by the XDK".

Java XDK Components Changes