List of Examples

1-1 DDL Operation on a Version-Enabled Table
1-2 Adding a Referential Integrity Constraint
1-3 Marketing Budget Options
1-4 Warehouse Expansion Options
2-1 Capturing Workspace Manager Events
2-2 Granting Privileges for Queue Access
2-3 Rule-Based Subscription for Workspace Manager Events
2-4 Listening for a Workspace Manager Event
2-5 Receiving Asynchronous Notification of Events
3-1 Valid Time Support
3-2 Setting the Session Valid Time to a Specific Date
3-3 Inserting a Row Valid for a Time Range
3-4 WM_CONTAINS Operator
3-5 WM_EQUALS Operator
3-8 WM_LDIFF Operator
3-9 WM_LESSTHAN Operator
3-10 WM_MEETS Operator
3-11 WM_OVERLAPS Operator
3-12 WM_RDIFF Operator
3-13 Sequenced Update Operation
3-14 Insert Operation Failing Because of Overlapping Time Periods
3-15 Adding Valid Time Support to an Existing Version-Enabled Table