What's New in GeoRaster?

This section describes new and changed features of Oracle Spatial GeoRaster for the current release.

JPEG and DEFLATE Compression and Decompression

You can use native JPEG and DEFLATE compression with GeoRaster objects, and you can decompress compressed GeoRaster objects. All GeoRaster operations in the SDO_GEOR package that can be performed on a decompressed (uncompressed) GeoRaster object can be performed on a compressed GeoRaster object. For more information, see Section 1.8.

Third-party Wavelet Compression and Decompression

GeoRaster supports some wavelet compression types through third-party plug-ins. For information about the availability and features of any such plug-ins, check the Oracle Spatial page on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN):


Requirements for GeoRaster Tables and Raster Data Tables

The following requirements apply to tables related to GeoRaster:

New Procedures for RDT Name Uniqueness

The SDO_GEOR_UTL package (documented in Chapter 5) contains the following new procedures that can help to ensure that raster data table names are unique within the database:

Migration Might Require RDT Name Changes

If you migrate from Oracle Database release or to release or to the current release, some raster data table names might not be unique in the database. If any RDT names are not unique, you must use the SDO_GEOR_UTL.makeRDTNamesUnique or SDO_GEOR_UTL.renameRDT procedure (documented in Chapter 5).

GeoRaster Objects in Schemas Other Than the Current Schema

All SDO_GEOR subprograms (documented in Chapter 4) can now work on GeoRaster objects defined in schemas other than the current connection schema, as long as they have the appropriate privileges. For information about cross-schema considerations, see Section 1.4.4.

changeFormat and scale Procedures Deprecated

The SDO_GEOR.changeFormat and SDO_GEOR.scale procedures have been deprecated; you should instead use the SDO_GEOR.changeFormatCopy and SDO_GEOR.scaleCopy procedures, respectively. Thus, if you use the supported procedures, the format change or scaling is always done on a copy of the input GeoRaster object, and the result is a new GeoRaster object.

These procedures are documented in Chapter 4.

Enhanced GeoRaster Tools

The GeoRaster viewer, loader, and exporter tools have been enhanced as follows:

The new loader tool features are also available with the SDO_GEOR.importFrom procedure. The new exporter tool feature is also available with the SDO_GEOR.exportTo procedure

The GeoRaster tools are briefly described in Section 1.10.