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What's New in Oracle Spatial?

Part I Conceptual and Usage Information

1 Spatial Concepts

2 Spatial Data Types and Metadata

3 Loading Spatial Data

4 Indexing and Querying Spatial Data

5 Geocoding Address Data

6 Coordinate Systems (Spatial Reference Systems)

7 Linear Referencing System

8 Spatial Analysis and Mining

9 Extending Spatial Indexing Capabilities

Part II Reference Information

10 SQL Statements for Indexing Spatial Data

11 Spatial Operators

12 Spatial Aggregate Functions

13 SDO_CS Package (Coordinate System Transformation)

14 SDO_GCDR Package (Geocoding)

15 SDO_GEOM Package (Geometry)

16 SDO_LRS Package (Linear Referencing System)

17 SDO_MIGRATE Package (Upgrading)

18 SDO_SAM Package (Spatial Analysis and Mining)

19 SDO_TUNE Package (Tuning)

20 SDO_UTIL Package (Utility)

Part III Supplementary Information

A Installation, Compatibility, and Upgrade

B Oracle Locator

C Routing Engine

D Complex Spatial Queries: Examples