The figure shows two XML code samples, as follows:
XML data: employee_2002.xml

XML schema definition: employee.xsd
  <element name="first name" type="string"/>
  <element name="last name" type="string"/>
  <element name="email" type="string"/>
  <element name="hire_date" type="date"/>
  <element name="department_id" type="integer"/>

From the XML code, XMLType tables are created. The figure shows the employee_2002 tables mapped and stored as either CLOB or structured storage. When the data is stored in CLOBs in tables, the whole XML document or parts of it are stored. The figure shows the XMLType column of the employee_2002 tables containing a list of CLOBs. When the data are stored in structured storage, the XML elements are mapped to columns in tables. The figure shows the first_name, last_name, email, and department_id columns, containing the data Scott, Tiger, and so forth.