List of Tables

1-1 APIs Related to XML
1-2 XML Schema Catalog Views
1-3 XML Storage Options: Structured or Unstructured
3-1 XML Storage Options in Oracle XML DB
3-2 Comparing SQL*Loader Conventional and Direct Load Modes
4-1 Common XPath Constructs
5-1 XMLType Methods Related to XML Schema
5-2 Annotations in Elements
5-3 Annotations in Elements Declaring Global complexTypes
5-4 Annotations in XML Schema Declarations
5-5 Mapping XML String Datatypes to SQL
5-6 Mapping XML Binary Datatypes (hexBinary/base64Binary) to SQL
5-7 Default Mapping of Numeric XML Primitive Types to SQL
5-8 Mapping XML Date Datatypes to SQL
5-9 Default Mapping of Other XML Primitive Datatypes to SQL
6-1 Sample List of XPath Expressions for Translation to Underlying SQL constructs
6-2 Simple XPath Mapping for purchaseOrder XML Schema
6-3 Event Levels and Behaviors
6-4 XPath Mapping for EXISTSNODE with Document Ordering Preserved
6-5 XPath Mapping for EXISTSNODE Without Document Ordering
6-6 XPath Mapping for EXTRACTVALUE
6-7 XPath Mapping for EXTRACT with Document Ordering Preserved
6-8 XPath Mapping for EXTRACT Without Document Ordering Preserved
8-1 Parameters of Procedure DBMS_XMLSCHEMA.COPYEVOLVE
8-2 Errors Associated with Procedure DBMS_XMLSCHEMA.COPYEVOLVE
8-3 XML Schema Evolution: XMLType Table Temporary Table Columns
8-4 XML Schema Evolution: XMLType Column Temporary Table Columns
8-5 Procedure copyEvolve Mapping Table
11-1 XML and HTML DOM Node Types and Their Child Node Types
13-1 Java DOM API for XMLType: Classes
14-1 OCIXmlDbInitXMlCtx() Parameters
14-2 Common XMLType Operations in C
16-1 DBMS_XMLGEN Functions and Procedures
16-2 Attributes of the XMLFormat Object
17-1 Predefined Namespaces and Prefixes
19-1 URIType Methods
19-2 URIFACTORY Methods
19-3 DBUriServlet: Optional Arguments
20-1 Synonyms for Oracle XML DB Foldering Terms
20-2 Differences Between PATH_VIEW and RESOURCE_VIEW
20-3 Accessing Oracle XML DB Repository: API Options
21-1 Oracle XML DB Versioning Terms
21-2 DBMS_XDB_VERSION Functions and Procedures
22-1 Structure of RESOURCE_VIEW
22-2 Structure of PATH_VIEW
23-1 DBMS_XDB Resource Management Functions and Procedures
23-2 DBMS_XDB: Security Management Procedures and Functions
23-3 DBMS_XDB: Configuration Management Functions and Procedures
24-1 Oracle XML DB Supported Atomic Privileges
24-2 Aggregate Privileges
24-3 Privileges Needed for Operations on Oracle XML DB Resources
25-1 Common Protocol Configuration Parameters
25-2 Configuration Parameters Specific to FTP
25-3 Configuration Parameters Specific to HTTP(S)/WebDAV (Except Servlet Parameters)
27-1 XML Elements Defined for Servlet Deployment Descriptors
27-2 Java 2.2 Methods That Are Not Implemented
A-1 Occurrence Constraints for XML Schema Elements and Attributes
A-2 Simple Types Built into XML Schema
A-3 XML Schema Features Compared to DTD Features
B-1 XPath: Location Path Examples Using Unabbreviated Syntax
B-2 XPath: Location Path Examples Using Abbreviated Syntax