The pragma EXCEPTION_INIT associates an exception name with an Oracle error number. You can intercept any ORA- error and write a specific handler for it instead of using the OTHERS handler. For more information, see "Associating a PL/SQL Exception with a Number: Pragma EXCEPTION_INIT".


exception_init pragma ::=

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Keyword and Parameter Description


Any valid Oracle error number. These are the same error numbers (always negative) returned by the function SQLCODE.


A user-defined exception declared within the current scope.


Signifies that the statement is a compiler directive.

Usage Notes

You can use EXCEPTION_INIT in the declarative part of any PL/SQL block, subprogram, or package. The pragma must appear in the same declarative part as its associated exception, somewhere after the exception declaration.

Be sure to assign only one exception name to an error number.


For examples, see the following:

Example 10-4, "Using PRAGMA EXCEPTION_INIT"
Example 11-9, "Bulk Operation That Continues Despite Exceptions"

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