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What's New in Rules Manager and Expression Filter?

1 Introduction

Part I Rules Manager

2 Rules Manager Concepts

3 Event Management Policies

4 Rule Conditions

5 Rules Applications That Span Multiple Tiers

6 Rules Manager Object Types

7 DBMS_RLMGR Package

8 Rules Manager Views

9 Rules Manager Use Cases

Part II Expression Filter

10 Oracle Expression Filter Concepts

11 Indexing Expressions

12 Expressions with XPath Predicates

13 Expressions with Spatial Predicates

14 Using Expression Filter with Utilities

15 SQL Operators and Statements

16 Object Types

17 Management Procedures Using the DBMS_EXPFIL Package

18 Expression Filter Views

A Managing Expressions Defined on One or More Database Tables

B Application Examples

C Internal Objects

D Converting Rules Applications

E Installing Rules Manager and Expression Filter

F XML Schemas

G Implementing Various Forms of Rule Actions With the Action Callback Procedure