List of Examples

10-1 Using Statistics Functionsin the ExtensibleOptimizer Interface
11-1 How User-Defined Aggregate Functions Work
11-2 How to Implement the ODCIAggregate Interface
11-3 How to Define a User-Defined Aggregate Function
11-4 How to Use SELECT Statement with User-Defined Aggregate Functions
11-5 How to Use HAVING Clause with User-Defined Aggregate Functions
11-6 How to Use other Query Options with User-Defined Aggregate Functions
11-7 How to Parallel-Enable a User-Defined Aggregate Function
11-8 How to Use External Memory to Store Aggregate Context
11-9 How to Use User-Defined Aggrefates as Analytic Functions
11-10 How to Create and Use a User-Defined Aggregate Function
21-1 How to Use Statistics Functions in an Extensible Optimizer Interface