List of Figures

1-1 Oracle Services
1-2 External Programs Executing in a Separate Address Space
2-1 Cartridge Development Process
5-1 How an External Procedure is Called
7-1 B-tree Index Structure
7-2 Hash Index Structure
7-3 2-d Index Structure
7-4 Point Quadtree Index Structure
11-1 Sequence of Calls for Parallel Evaluation of User-Defined Aggregates
13-1 Typical Data Processing with Unparallelized, Unpipelined Table Functions
13-2 Data Processing Using Pipelining and Parallel Execution
13-3 Flowchart of Table Function Row Source Execution
15-1 Region Served by the Power Utility
15-2 Regional Grid Cells in Numbered Sequence
15-3 Grayscale Representation of Satellite Image
15-4 Grayscale Representation of Weather Conditions at Second Recording
15-5 Grayscale Representation of Conditions as Projected
15-6 Distribution of Power Stations Across the Region
15-7 Areas Served by Three Power Stations
15-8 Application Object Model of the Power Demand Cartridge
15-9 Implementation Model of the Power Demand Cartridge