Oracle® Database XML Java API Reference
10g Release 2 (10.2)


Interface XSQLDocumentSerializer

public interface XSQLDocumentSerializer

Interface that must be implemented by all XSQL Serializers which serialize an XSQL data page as an XML Document to a PrintWriter.

Upon encountering a serializer="XXX" pseudo-attribute in an <?xml-stylesheet?> processing instruction, the XSQL Page Processor invokes the associated serializer by:

  1. Constructing an instance of the serializer using the no-args constructor
  2. Invoking the XSQL document serializer's serialize() method

NOTE: An implementation of XSQLDocumentSerializer is expected to do the following actions.

  1. First, call env.setContentType() to set the content type
  2. Then, call env.getWriter() to get the Writer to write to

If the serializer throws an unhandled exception, the XSQL Page Processor will format the stacktrace.

See oracle.xml.xsql.src.serializers.XSQLSampleSerializer for an example.

Method Summary
 void serialize(Document doc, XSQLPageRequest env)


Method Detail


public void serialize(Document doc,
                      XSQLPageRequest env)
               throws java.lang.Throwable

Oracle® Database XML Java API Reference
10g Release 2 (10.2)


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