List of Examples

2-1 Image Query (Height, Width, and MimeType Attributes)
2-2 Audio Query (MimeType Attribute)
2-3 Video Query (MimeType Attribute)
2-4 URL Format Required for Invoking mod_plsql in a Web Browser
2-5 URL Format Required to Invoke mod_plsql in a Web Browser for the Photo Album Application
3-1 Procedure view_album
3-2 Procedure print_album
3-3 Procedure print_image_link
3-4 Procedure deliver_media
3-5 Procedure print_upload_form
3-6 Procedure insert_new_photo
3-7 Procedure view_entry
3-8 Procedure view_metadata
3-9 Procedure print_metadata
3-10 Procedure write_metadata
3-11 Procedure search_metadata
7-1 Show the Package Body for Extending Support to a New Data Source
7-2 Show the Package Body for Extending Support to a New Audio Data Format
7-3 Show the Package Body for Extending Support to a New ORDDoc Data Format
7-4 Show the Package Body for Extending Support to a New Video Data Format
7-5 Extend Oracle interMedia ORDImage with a New Object Type
8-1 Create a Separate Tablespace to Store an interMedia Column Object Containing LOB Data
8-2 Show the load1.bat File
8-3 Show the t1.sql Procedure
8-4 Show the load1.sql File That Executes the load_image Stored Procedure
8-5 Show the Control File for Loading Video Data
8-6 Read Data from an ORDVideo Column Object Using the interMedia readFromSource( ) Method in a PL/SQL Stored Procedure
9-1 Define a Relational Table Containing No ORDAudio Object
9-2 Define an Object View Containing an ORDAudio Object and Relational Columns
9-3 create_mediadir.sql
9-4 create_soundtable.sql
9-5 create_audtable.sql
9-6 import_aud.sql
9-7 copy_audblob.sql
9-8 showprop_aud.sql
9-9 setup_audsample.sql
9-10 cleanup_audsample.sql
9-11 create_mediadir.sql
9-12 create_doctable.sql
9-13 import_doc.sql
9-14 read_doc.sql
9-15 showprop_doc.sql
9-16 setup_docsample.sql
9-17 cleanup_docsample.sql
9-18 create_mediadir.sql
9-19 create_imgtable.sql
9-20 import_img.sql
9-21 read_image.sql
9-22 showprop_img.sql
9-23 setup_imgsample.sql
9-24 cleanup_imgsample.sql
9-25 import_imghttp.sql Script
9-26 Address a Globalization Support Issue
A-1 Execute the Sample Program from the Command Line