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1 How to Create a Tabular Form

About Sample Application
Creating a Tabular Form Using a Wizard
Changing Updatable Column Display Type

2 How to Create a Parameterized Report

Sample Report Utilizing a Form Input
About Sample Application
Creating a New Page
Creating the Query Region
Adding an Item
Adding a Button to Submit the Page
Run the Page

3 How to Create a Drill Down Report

About Sample Application
Creating a New Application
Creating Reports for DEMO_ORDERS and DEMO_ORDER_ITEMS
Create a Report for DEMO_ORDERS
Create a Report for DEMO_ORDER_ITEMS
Customizing the DEMO_ORDER_ITEMS Report
Add an Item to Hold the Value of ORDER_ID
Add a Condition
Modify the Region Title
Linking the DEMO_ORDERS Report to the DEMO_ORDER_ITEMS Report

4 How to Control Form Layout

About Sample Application
Creating a Table and Data Input Form
Create the HT_EMP Table
Create a New Page Containing a Input Form
Run the Page
Changing the Appearance of a Page by Altering Region Attributes
Understanding How Item Attributes Effect Page Layout
Edit Item Attributes
Fix Item Alignment
Change Label Placement
Change Items to Display-only
Adding a Region Header and Footer
Making a Region Conditional
Adding Another Region for HTML Text
Changing Item Types
Change an Item to a Radio Group
Change an Item to a Select List
Change an Item to a Check Box
About Label Templates
Changing Buttons
Running the Page for Update
Making Data Bold

5 How to Work with Check Boxes

Accessing Sample Application
Creating a Single Value Check Box on a Form
Change Product Available Radio Group to a Check Box
Alter the Check Box Position
Change Default Check Box Behavior
Add a Computation
Creating Multi Value Check Box to Filter Content
Create a Multi Value Check Box
Alter Check Box Display Values
Change Where the Check Boxes Display
Create a Go Button to Submit the Page
Adjust Default Check Box Behavior
Adding Check Boxes to Each Row in the Report
Add a Button to Submit Check Box Array Values
Add a Process

6 How to Implement a Web Service

About Creating Web Service References
Creating a New Application
Specifying an Application Proxy Server Address
Searching a UDDI Registry for a Business Name
Create a Form to Display a Stock Quote
Searching a UDDI Registry for a Service Name
Create a Form and Report

7 How to Create a Stacked Bar Chart

Accessing Sample Application
Creating a Stacked Bar Chart
Adding Additional Series
Changing the Chart Format
Viewing the Chart

8 How to Upload and Download Files in an Application

Creating an Application
Creating an Upload Form
Create an HTML Region
Create an Upload Item
Create a Button
Creating a Report with Download Links
Add Link to Download Documents
Storing Additional Attributes About the Document
Create a Table to Store Document Attributes
Create an Item to Capture the Document Subject
Create a Process to Insert Information
Showing Additional Attributes in the Report Region
Store the Document in a Custom Table
Downloading Documents from the Custom Table

9 How to Incorporate JavaScript into an Application

Understanding How to Incorporate JavaScript Functions
Incorporating JavaScript in the HTML Header Attribute
Including JavaScript in a .js File Referenced by the Page Template
About Referencing Items Using JavaScript
Calling JavaScript from a Button
Creating a Client Side JavaScript Validation
Create an Application on the EMP Table
Add a Function to the HTML Header Attribute
Edit an Item to Call the Function
Enabling and Disabling Form Elements
Add a Function the HTML Header Attribute
Edit an Item to Call the Function
Change P3_DEPTNO to a Select List
Create a Call to disFormItems from the Region Footer
Changing the Value of Form Elements

10 How to Build and Deploy an Issue Tracking Application

Business Scenario
Planning and Project Analysis
Necessary Data
Requested Security
Data Management Functions
Data Presentation Functions
Special Functions
Designing the Database Objects
About the Projects Table
About the People Table
About the Issues Table
Implementing Database Objects
Request a New Workspace
Build the Database Objects
Viewing Created Database Objects
Loading Demonstration Data
Load Projects Data
Load People Data
Load Issues Data
Building a Basic User Interface
Create the Application
Add Pages to Maintain Projects
Create Pages for Maintaining Projects
Refine the Appearance of the Projects Report Page
Refine the Create/Edit Project Page
Add Pages to Track People
Create Pages for Maintaining People
Modify of the People Report Page
Refine the Create/Edit People Page
Add Pages to Track Issues
Create a Report for HT_ISSUES
Refine the Create/Edit Issues Page
Refine the Issues Report
Add a Page to Support Assigning Multiple Issues Simultaneously
Create Summary Reports
Add a Issue Summary by Project Report
Add Resolved by Month Identified
Add Target Resolution Dates
Add Average Days to Resolve
Add Content to the Home Page
Add a Reports Menu
Add Maintenance Navigation
Add a New Issues Button
Add Overdue Issues Report
Add Unassigned Issues Report
Add Recently Opened Issues Report
Add Open Issues by Project
Add a Breadcrumb Menu
Create a Breadcrumb Menu
Add Menu Options
Create a Page 0
Create a Region to Contain the Menu
Adding Advanced Features
Add Support for E-mail Notification
How E-mail Notification Works
Add Notification of New Assignments
Add a Notification for Overdue Issues
Add Application Security
Restrict Project and People Definition
Restrict Issue Modification
Deploying Your Application
Move the Application Definition
Export the Application Definition
Create the Required Objects to Support the Application
Import the Application Definition into the Production Instance
Load the Data
Alternate Authentication Mechanisms to Consider
Create Users
Publish the URL

A DDLs and Scripts for Issue Tracking Application

Create Application Database Objects DDL
Create Issues Script