8.8 Uncataloging RMAN Records

This section contains the following topics:

8.8.1 About Uncataloging RMAN Records

Run the CHANGE ... UNCATALOG command to perform the following actions on RMAN repository records:

  • Update a backup record in the control file repository to status DELETED

  • Delete a specific backup record from the recovery catalog (if you use one)

RMAN does not touch the specified physical files: it only alters the repository records for these files.

You can use this command when you have deleted a backup through a means other than RMAN. For example, if you delete archived redo logs with an operating system utility, then remove the record for this log from the repository by issuing CHANGE ARCHIVELOG ... UNCATALOG.

8.8.2 Removing Records for Files Deleted with Operating System Utilities

To remove catalog records for files deleted with operating system utilities, run the CHANGE ... UNCATALOG command.

To remove the catalog record for a backup deleted with an operating system utility:

  1. Run a CHANGE ... UNCATALOG command for the backups that you deleted from the operating system with operating system commands. This example deletes repository references to disk copies of the control file and datafile 1:

    CHANGE DATAFILECOPY '/tmp/system01.dbf' UNCATALOG;
  2. Optionally, view the relevant recovery catalog view, for example, RC_DATAFILE_COPY or RC_CONTROLFILE_COPY, to confirm that a given record was removed. For example, this query confirms that the record of copy 4833 was removed:

    WHERE CDF_KEY = 4833;
    ---------- ------
    0 rows selected.