B.3 RMAN Compatibility: Scenario

Assume that you maintain a production databases of the following releases:

  • 8.1.7

  • 9.0.1

  • 9.2.0

  • 10.1.0

  • 10.2.0

You want to record RMAN repository data about these databases in a single recovery catalog database. According to Table B-1, you can use a single 9.2.0 recovery catalog database with a 10.2.0 catalog schema for all target databases.

The solution for this combination of target databases is to do the following:

  • Use a single 9.2.0 catalog database.

  • Use a single 10.2.0 catalog schema for all databases.

  • Ensure that the version of the RMAN client used to back up each target database meets the requirements specified in Table B-1.