1.2 RMAN Command Entries

The description of each command or subclause contains the following sections:

Table 1-1 Sections of a Command Description

Section Content


Shows the keywords and parameters that make up the statement. Note: Not all keywords and parameters are valid in all circumstances. Be sure to refer to the "Keywords and Parameters" section of each statement to learn about any restrictions on the syntax.


Describes the basic uses of the statement.

Restrictions and Usage Notes

Lists requirements, restrictions, and guidelines for proper use of the command.

Keywords and Parameters

Describes the purpose of each keyword and parameter. Restrictions and usage notes can also appear in this section.


Shows how to use various clauses and options of the statement.

Note: Optional sections following the examples provide more information on how and when to use the statement.

1.2.1 RMAN Code Examples

The command entries in this reference include many examples of RMAN commands, which illustrate how to use the different elements of each RMAN command for common tasks. These examples are generally set off from the text and appear in a monospace font, as in the following example: