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To execute a series of RMAN commands stored in an operating system file with the specified full path name, for example, @/oracle/dbs/cmd/cmd1.rman. If you do not specify the full path name, then the current working directory is assumed, for example, @cmd1.rman. Do not use quotes around the string or leave whitespace between the @ and filename. RMAN processes the specified file as if its contents had appeared in place of the @ command.


The file must contain complete RMAN commands; partial commands generate syntax errors.

Restrictions and Usage Notes



Running a Command File from the Command Line: Example This example creates a command file and then runs it from the operating system command line:

echo "BACKUP DATABASE;" > backup_db.rman
rman TARGET / @backup_db.rman

Running a Command File Within RMAN: Example This example runs a command file from the RMAN prompt and from within a RUN command:

RUN { @backup_db.rman }