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To run a local or global RMAN script stored in the recovery catalog.

See Also:

"CREATE SCRIPT" and Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Advanced User's Guide for more details about stored scripts

Restrictions and Usage Notes

  • Use EXECUTE SCRIPT only within the braces of a RUN command.

  • RMAN must be connected to the catalog with the CATALOG command-line option or the CONNECT CATALOG command, and the catalog must be open.

  • For a local script, RMAN must be connected to the target database for which the local script is created.

  • When you run an EXECUTE SCRIPT command within a RUN block, RMAN places the contents of the script in the context of that RUN block. For this reason, you should not allocate a channel within the RUN block if you also allocate it in the script.

Keywords and Parameters

Syntax Element Description
GLOBAL Specifies the execution of a global stored script instead of a local one.
'script_name' The name of the stored script to execute.

If no local stored script defined for the current target database is found with the name specified, RMAN searches for a global script by the same name and executes it if one is found.

See Also: "LIST" for more information about listing the scripts stored in the recovery catalog, and "CREATE SCRIPT" for information about creating scripts


Executing a Script: Example This example runs a stored script called backup_whole_10:

RUN { EXECUTE script backup_whole_10; }