The aspec placeholder represents a physical attachment for a device. The attachment describes a data path between a host and the device.

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Oracle Secure Backup Administrator's Guide to learn more about attachments




Note that the backslash (\) is not a literal, but represents line continuation.

Restrictions and Usage Notes

The settings other than hostname and rawdevicename are used only for NDMP servers that run protocol version 2. The requirements to set each of these options are server-specific.

Use the following guidelines when creating attachments:

  • For devices connected to Linux and UNIX systems, the raw device name is the name of the device special file that was created when you set up devices for use by Oracle Secure Backup. The installob and makedev tools displayed each such name.

  • For Windows systems, the raw device name is the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) name of the device.

  • For NAS systems, the raw device name is a device name assigned by the host operating system (for example, Network Appliance Data ONTAP). You must choose a device name for which no ancillary tape operations, such as rewind or unload, occur either when the tape drive is opened or when it is closed. These names usually begin or end with the letter "n."

The basic raw device naming convention is obln for libraries and obtn for drives, where n is 0 for the first device and increments by one for each subsequent device. Note that the l character in obln is an alphabet letter and not the numeral 1. Table 3-1 shows raw device names for popular systems.

Table 3-1 Raw Device Names for Popular Systems

Operating System Attachment for First Drive Attachment for First Library




Quantum NDMP server























The name of the host machine to which the device is attached.


A name assigned by the NDMP server implementer or operating system implementer to represent the device. A rawdevicename is the equivalent of a device special file name on UNIX (see Table 3-1). Note that the name can include the notation "$WWN" to refer to the world-wide name of the device.


The name of a separate SCSI pass-through interface that Oracle Secure Backup must use to pass through SCSI operations to the tape device.


The equivalent device name used when Oracle Secure Backup issues an NDMP_SCSI_SET_TARGET message to the server. It specifies an operating system-specific string that identifies the SCSI host bus adapter (HBA) or device.


The SCSI controller index or channel number of the device when NDMP_SCSI_SET_TARGET is used.


The SCSI bus target ID of the device when NDMP_SCSI_SET_TARGET is used.


The SCSI LUN of the device when NDMP_SCSI_SET_TARGET is used.


Sample values for aspec include the following:

w0x0f:/dev/obt0    # a tape drive connected to Linux host w0x0f
darth:/dev/obl0    # a tape library connected to Solaris host darth
ethel:nrst0a       # a tape drive connected to NetApp filer ethel
winserv:\\.\obl0   # a tape library connected to Windows media server winserv
//winserv/obl0     # equivalent to the preceding aspec