Use the dumpdev command to display device errors logged by Oracle Secure Backup.

Error logs reside on the administrative server in the admin/log/device subdirectory path of the Oracle Secure Backup home.

See Also:

"Device Commands" for related commands


You must have the right to manage devices and change device state to use the dumpdev command.



dumpd•ev [ --since/-s date-time ] [ --clear/-c [ --nq ] [ --nd ] ]
{ --dumpfile/-f path ... | devicename ... }


--since/-s date-time

Limits the display to those errors that have occurred since date-time. Refer to "date-time" for the date-time placeholder.


Deletes the error log after it has been displayed. You are prompted before each log is deleted.


Does not display a confirmation message. If you do not specify this option, then the command displays a confirmation message. The message is described in "Command Execution in Interactive Mode".


Suppresses the display of the error log. This is useful if you want to clear the error log without displaying it.

--dumpfile/-f path ...

Specifies a path name of the file to be dumped. This option is useful if you have saved a device error log file to a file that dumpdev would not normally find.

devicename ...

Dumps the error log file associated with devicename. Refer to "devicename" for the rules governing device names.


Example 2-32 dumps the error log for a tape drive named 10h_tape1.

Example 2-32 Dumping the Error Log for a Tape Drive

ob> dumpdev 10h_tape1
Oracle Secure Backup hardware error log for "10h_tape1", version 1
       EXABYTE EXB-85058SQANXR1, prom/firmware id 07J0, serial number 06667256
Tue Jan 10, 2005 at 16:52:26.354 (Eastern Daylight Time) devtype: 14
    obexec: mchamber-pc://./obt0, args to wst__exec: handle=0x0
       accessed via host mchamber-pc: Windows_NT 5.1
       op=16 (eod), buf=0x00, count=1 (0x1), parm=0x00
    cdb: 11 03 00 00 00 00 space, cnt=0 to eod
    sense data:
       70 00 03 FF FF FF FF 15 00 00 00 00 14 00 00 00
       00 00 03 00 00 00 02 56 D8 2A 03 00 00
          ec=0, sk=media err, asc=14, ascq=0
          error is: unrecoverable error
          flags: (none)
    returned status: code=unrecoverable error,
       resid=0 (0x0), checks=0x0 []