Use the resdev command to reserve a device for your exclusive use. While you hold the reservation, no Oracle Secure Backup component accesses the device.

See Also:

"Device Commands" for related commands


You must have the right to manage devices and change device state to use the resdev command.

Usage Notes

During normal operations, Oracle Secure Backup temporarily assigns exclusive use of shared resources to its processes and jobs. It assigns this use through a built-in resource reservation system managed by the service daemons on the administrative server.

You may encounter situations in which you desire exclusive and explicit use of a device. When such situations arise, you can direct Oracle Secure Backup to reserve a device for your use and, when you are finished, to release that reservation with the unresdev command. While you hold the reservation, no Oracle Secure Backup component can access the device.

The resdev command fails with an error if you try to reserve a device that is already reserved. The command also fails if you attempt to select a drive in a library but all devices are already reserved or no drives are configured.



resd•ev [ --nowarn/-W ] { --in/-i libraryname ... | devicename ... }



Does not warn about devices that are out of service.

--in/-i libraryname ...

Finds and reserves any reservable drive in the specified libraries.

devicename ...

Specifies either the name of a tape device or a library to be reserved.

Refer to "devicename" for the rules governing device names.


Example 2-117 reserves all tape drives in library lib1. In this example, lib1 only contains a single drive. The example shows the warnings that result from attempting to reserve a reserved drive.

Example 2-117 Reserving a Device

ob> lsdev
library    lib1             in service
  drive 1  tape1            in service
library    lib2             in service
  drive 1  tape2            in service
ob> lsdev --reserved
ob> resdev --in lib1
Drive tape1 reserved.
ob> resdev --in lib1
Error: no drive is available in library lib1.
ob> resdev tape1
Error: you already have drive tape1 reserved.