Use the rmpiece command to delete RMAN backup pieces from tape.

See Also:

"Backup Piece Commands" for related commands


You must have the right to manage devices and change device state to use the rmpiece command.



rmpi•ece [ --nq ] [ --oid/-o oid-list ]... [ piecename ]...



Does not display a confirmation message. If you do not specify this option, then the command displays a confirmation message. The message is described in "Command Execution in Interactive Mode"

--oid/-o oid-list ...

Specifies or more backup piece identifiers in the Oracle Secure Backup catalog. Refer to "oid" for a description of the oid placeholder.

piecename ...

Specifies the names of the backup pieces to which the listing applies. The name of a backup piece is indicated by the Piece name heading in the lspiece output.


Example 2-133 displays information about two RMAN backup pieces and then deletes them.

Example 2-133 Removing Backup Pieces

ob> lspiece
    POID Database   Content    Copy Created      Host             Piece name
     104 ob         full          0 03/18.16:25  stadv07          05gfkmq9_1_1
     105 ob         archivelog    0 03/18.16:32  stadv07          06gfkn8h_1_1
ob> rmpiece --oid 104,105
remove backup piece OID 104? (a, n, q, y, ?) [n]: y
remove backup piece OID 105? (a, n, q, y, ?) [n]: y
ob> lspiece