obtar -Xunlabel


Use obtar -Xunlabel to unlabel volumes. Unlabeling a volume causes all information stored on it to be effectively erased, including any existing volume label information.


obtar -Xunlabel::=

obtar -Xunlabel [ -f device ] [ -Xow ]


You can specify a number of options with obtar -Xunlabel; this section describes those options that you are most likely to use. Refer to "obtar Options" to learn about additional obtar -Xunlabel options.

-f device

Specifies the name of the device in which the volume is loaded. The device argument to -f is the name that you have assigned to a tape drive in an administrative domain.


Directs obtar to disregard any expiration date in the volume label. If you try to overwrite a volume that has not yet expired, then the operation fails unless you specify -Xow.


Unlabeling a Tape

Example 4-34 unlabels the tape volume in tape0.

Example 4-34 Unlabeling a Tape

obtar -Xunlabel -f tape0 -Xow