A Configuration Files

This appendix discusses the configuration files that are generated by Oracle Management Agent, and the parameters that can be set to optimize agent operation for different system setups. The following topics are discussed:

Configuration Files

The following files control the operation of the Oracle Management Agent.


The snmp_ro.ora file is located in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin or a directory specified by the TNS_ADMIN environment variable. Do NOT update this read-only file.


The snmp_rw.ora is located in the Agent's $ORACLE_HOME\network\admin. You can modify this read/write file, but this should be done carefully.

User-configurable Parameters

These parameters are used in the snmp_rw.ora configuration file.

dbsnmp.polltime = nn

The time interval (seconds) that the agent polls the database to check whether it is down. If the database has gone down or was never connected, this is the interval between retries. The default is 30 seconds.


If Oracle Management Agent must monitor more than two instances, you should increase the value of DBSNMP.POLLTIME proportionally with the number of monitored instances.

For example:

The Oracle Management Agent needs to monitor 10 instances. DBSNMP.POLLTIME should be set to 150. (10/2 * 30 = 150)

dbsnmp.noheuristic = {true/false}

The value of this parameter determines whether the Oracle Management Agent will use a connection heuristic to ascertain the state of a monitored database (whether the database is up or down). By default, this value is set to FALSE (Agent uses the heuristic).


If the monitored target is a Real Application Clusters database instance, DBSNMP.NOHEURISTIC must be set to TRUE since the heuristic does not work against Real Application Clusters database instances.