9 Management Agent Cloning

If you have a master agent installation, you can use this installed agent and clone it on multiple destination Oracle homes.

To clone a Management Agent, perform the following steps:

  1. Install the Agent on a host using any of the deployment methods discussed in this chapter.

  2. Zip the agent Oracle home that you want to clone (for example, agent.zip).

  3. Perform a file transfer (FTP) of this zipped Oracle home onto the destination host (for example, ftp agent.zip).

  4. In the destination host, unzip the agent Oracle home.

  5. Go to $ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin/ directory and execute the following command:

    ./runInstaller  -clone -forceClone ORACLE_HOME=<full path of Oracle home> ORACLE_HOME_NAME=<Oracle home name> -noconfig -silent


    The cloned agent is not in the secure mode by default. You must manually secure the agent by executing <Oracle_Home>/bin/emctl secure agent.
  6. Execute the following script to run the Agent Configuration Assistant (agentca):

    $ORACLE_HOME/bin/agentca -f


After the cloning process is complete, you must execute the root.sh script from the destination agent Oracle homes.