E Directory Structure for Oracle Database 10g Oracle Real Application Clusters Environments

This appendix describes the directory structures for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) software environments. This appendix contains the following topics:

E.1 Understanding the Real Application Clusters Directory Structure

When you install Oracle Database 10g with RAC, all subdirectories are under a top-level ORACLE_BASE directory. The ORACLE_HOME and admin directories are also located under ORACLE_BASE.

See Also:

Oracle Database Oracle Clusterware and Oracle Real Application Clusters Administration and Deployment Guide for further information about the $ORACLE_HOME and /admin directories

E.2 Directory Structures for Real Application Clusters

Table E-1 shows the hierarchical directory tree of a sample optimal flexible architecture (OFA) compliant database for Oracle RAC:

Table E-1 Directory Structure for A Sample OFA-Compliant Environment

Root Second-Level Third-Level Fourth-Level Description



The default ORACLE_BASE directory.



The default name of the Oracle home.




The administrative directory.




The database unique name; this is the same as dbname when the database name is 8 or fewer characters in length.







The dump destinations for database server.



The default name of the Oracle Clusterware home. After you install the software, you must change the permissions of all of the parent directories of the Oracle Clusterware home directory to grant write access only to the root user. Because of this, the Oracle Clusterware home directory must not be a subdirectory of the 10g Release 2 (10.2) Oracle base directory.


The subtree for Oracle binaries.


The subtree for Oracle Net.

See Also:

Oracle Database Administrator's Reference for UNIX-Based Operating Systems for further information about the $ORACLE_HOME and /admin directories