6 Removing Oracle Database Companion CD Products

This chapter describes how to remove Oracle software from the system. It includes information about the following tasks:

6.1 Removing Oracle HTML DB Database Objects

When you install Oracle HTML DB, a configuration assistant creates database objects in the database that you specify during the installation. To completely remove Oracle HTML DB, you must remove the database objects from that database after you remove the software. To remove the Oracle HTML DB database objects from a database, follow these steps:

  1. Using SQL*Plus, connect to the database as the SYS or SYSTEM user:

    $ sqlplus "SYS/SYS_password AS SYSDBA"
  2. Enter the following commands to remove the database objects:

    SQL> EXEC wwv_flow_upgrade.drop_public_synonyms;
    SQL> DROP USER flows_010600 CASCADE;
    SQL> DROP USER flows_files CASCADE;
    SQL> DROP USER htmldb_public_user CASCADE;

6.2 Removing Oracle Workflow

To remove Oracle Workflow:

  1. Use Oracle Universal Installer to remove Oracle Workflow Server or the Oracle Workflow middle-tier components.

  2. Drop the Oracle Workflow schema from the database.

    Log in to the database as the SYS user, and enter a command such as the following:

    drop user Workflow_schema_name cascade

    For example:

    drop user owf_mgr cascade

6.3 Removing Oracle Software Files

To remove Oracle software by using Oracle Universal Installer:


Always use Oracle Universal Installer to remove Oracle software. Do not delete any Oracle home directories without first using Oracle Universal Installer to remove the software.
  1. If necessary, log in as the oracle user:

    $ su - oracle
  2. Set the ORACLE_HOME environment variable to specify the path of the Oracle home that you want to remove:

    • Bourne, Bash, or Korn shell:

      $ ORACLE_HOME=oracle_home_path
      $ export ORACLE_HOME
    • C shell:

      $ setenv ORACLE_HOME oracle_home_path
  3. Start Oracle Universal Installer by entering the following command:

  4. On the Welcome screen, click Deinstall Products.

    The Inventory screen lists all the Oracle homes on the system and the products installed in each Oracle home.

  5. On the Inventory screen, select the Oracle home containing the products that you want to remove.

  6. If you want to delete specific products, then select them in the tree window.

  7. Click Remove.

    Oracle Universal Installer displays a confirmation screen prompting you to confirm that you want to remove the selected products and their dependent components.

  8. Click Yes.

    Oracle Universal Installer displays a progress indicator as it removes the software.