4 Removing Oracle Software

This chapter describes how to completely remove an Oracle database and the Oracle software. It includes information about the following topics:


If you want to remove an individual product, check the product-specific documentation for requirements and restrictions.

4.1 Removing an Oracle Database

To completely remove Oracle Database 10g for z/OS software, you must remove any installed databases. To remove an Oracle Database, delete the VSAM data sets under the high-level qualifier for the database.


Removing an Oracle Database deletes all the data in the database.

4.2 Removing Oracle Software

The following steps describe how to remove Oracle software:

  1. Remove the Oracle Database software located in ORACLE_HOME as follows:

    $ rm -rf $ORACLE_HOME
  2. Delete the Oracle executable PDSE files that were created during the installation, for example, AUTHLOAD and CMDLOAD files.

  3. Delete the subsystem modules that were placed into any linklist libraries.

  4. Remove any JCL procedures that were created for the Oracle services and placed in your PROCLIB library.