C Running DVCA After Creating a Database Vault Database

You should run Database Vault Configuration Assistant (DVCA) after creating a new Oracle Database Vault database, if any of the following conditions is true:

Use the following syntax to run the DVCA utility:

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/dvca -action option -oh oracle_home
-hostname host_name -owner_account DV_owner_account_name
-owner_passwd DV_owner_account_password
-jdbc_str jdbc_connection_string 
-sys_passwd SYS_password 
[-dvsys_passwd DVSYS_passwd]
[-acctmgr_account DV_account_manager_account_name]
[-acctmgr_passwd DV_account_manager_password]
[-logfile ./dvca.log] [-nodecrypt] [-racnode host_name]
[-listener listener_name]
[-languages {"[en],[de],[es],[fr],[it],[ja],[ko],[pt_BR],[zh_CN],[zh_TW]"}]