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Part I Overview

1 Introducing JDBC

2 Getting Started

3 Basic Features

Part II Oracle JDBC

4 JDBC Standards Support

5 Oracle Extensions

6 Features Specific to JDBC Thin

7 Features Specific to JDBC OCI

8 Server-Side Internal Driver

Part III Connection and Security

9 Data Sources and URLs

10 JDBC Client-Side Security Features

11 SSL Support

12 Proxy Authentication

Part IV Data Access and Manipulation

13 Accessing and Manipulating Oracle Data

14 Java Streams in JDBC

15 Working with Oracle Object Types

16 Working with LOBs and BFILEs

17 Using Oracle Object References

18 Working with Oracle Collections

19 Result Set

20 JDBC RowSets

21 Globalization Support

Part V Performance Enhancements

22 Statement Caching

23 Implicit Connection Caching

24 Run-Time Connection Load Balancing

25 Performance Extensions

26 OCI Connection Pooling

Part VI High Availability

27 Fast Connection Failover

28 Transparent Application Failover

Part VII Transaction Management

29 Distributed Transactions

Part VIII Manageability

30 End-To-End Metrics Support

Part IX Appendixes

A Reference Information

B Coding Tips

C JDBC Error Messages

D Troubleshooting